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January 2010 (210 posts)

January 31: Five different units of the same lens - how similar/different are they?
January 31: Have you tried microstock photography?
January 31: Preparing for PMA 2010 - the oldest DSLRs and iLCs around
January 30: Preparing for PMA 2010 - the oldest compact digital cameras around
January 30: Price drop alert: Pentax K-x with 18-55/55-300 for $653
January 30: HDRographer Trey Ratcliff reviews the Nikon D3s
January 29: 40+ real-world Leica S2 pictures for evaluation purposes
January 29: Should you switch over to DNG?
January 29: Thom speculates on what the Nikon PMA 2010 surprise might be
January 29: Nikon D3s shoots Tasmanian camping trip
January 29: Preview and full-size samples with pre-production Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) at CNet Asia
January 29: Hands-on preview video of the Sony HX5v at Q
January 29: Chase Jarvis photoshoot webcast is now live!
January 29: Leica M9 tests at Kamera & Bild
January 28: Reactions and over-reactions to the new Apple iPad (very long round-up)
January 28: Canon 1D Mark IV review at Photo Review
January 28: Spy on a live Chase Jarvis photoshoot on Friday
January 28: New DSLR Top Sellers: Reality bites Leica M9
January 27: Shock! Panasonic GH1 sensor beats Canon 7D's sensor at pixel-level finds DXOmark
January 27: State of the Camera Union Blog Address
January 27: Help rescue the RAW acronym
January 27: Panasonic Singapore countdown for new mini-site ends at 1pm Sunday Singapore time
January 27: Olympus teases innovative Pen-looking camera
January 27: Hands-on with the new retro Pentax Optio i-10
January 27: New cameras of 2010 leaderboard: Panasonic 15, Sony 13, Samsung 12
January 26: Interesting interview with Ricoh on GXR system (computer-translated)
January 26: Let's Go Digital leaks three new Fuji superzooms (and a typical P&S)
January 26: New issue of free photography magazine PhotographyBB
January 26: New "Hot Cameras at" fundraiser box added
January 26: Catching up with the last 24 hours of news
January 26: Open Letter to Leica chain continues with Thom Hogan
January 26: Samsung NX10 first impressions at AP UK
January 25: Corel launches Paintshop Pro X3 and VideoStudio Pro X3
January 25: New Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) adds GPS and manual exposure
January 25: New Panasonic TZ8 (ZS5) is a new affordable fun-zoom (replaces TZ6 (ZS1))
January 25: New Panasonic FX66 (FX68) follows FX40 (FX48) with 14mp sensor
January 25: Panasonic ZR3 (ZX3) follows up the ZR1/ZX1 after six months and jumps to 14mp
January 25: New Panasonic TS2 (FT2) follows up on over-achiever TS1 (FT1)
January 25: New Nikon 2010 predictions by Thom Hogan (now on Twitter!)
January 25: Pentax retro-homages the past with the new Optio i-10 camera
January 25: New Pentax Optio H90 tries to make Optio P&S cameras cool
January 25: New Pentax Optio E90 is basic $100 AA-based P&S
January 25: High-ISO comparison rivalries: 1DMk4 vs D3s, 7D vs D300s
January 25: Kenko reveals three new teleconverters for Canon and Nikon
January 25: NX10 Beatle-mania in Korea
January 25: Ricoh GXR detailed hands-on, samples and ISO comparisons
January 25: Sony Alpha A450 Monte Carlo field-test part #2
January 25: (EXPIRED) Deal alert: Adobe LR2 for $189 (full version) (Calumet DVDs sold out)
January 24: Leica X1 makes retail debut in Holland
January 24: Curiosity factor: Sony TX7 user review at Redban (Exmor-R sensor)
January 24: 20 year old Manual Focus lens shoots NBA game
January 24: Playing with the Ricoh GRD III Stussy edition
January 24: How to make the most of this chaotic blog
January 24: Open Letter responses to Open Letter to Leica by Luminous
January 24: Predictions: Nikon D95 and D700X along with three lenses in Japanese magazine (rumors)
January 23: dpreview launches free user Galleries in beta (unlimited Pro option to follow)
January 23: Pentax K-x review at Rice High
January 23: One more D3s vs 1D Mk IV ISO comparison (DCFever)
January 22: Both Leica M9 colors invade the Amazon DSLR Top 20
January 22: Fun times: Microstock #FAIL
January 22: Short Leica M9 review at efotozine
January 22: Leica M9 stock status
January 22: Bob Atkins evaluates the Tamron 60mm f2 Di-II macro (corrected link)
January 22: Sony Alpha A550 field test by Ferdz Decena
January 22: A day at the races with the Sony Alpha A450
January 22: Pixel-peep the Canon 1D Mark IV with 70+ Imaging Resource test-samples
January 22: Nikon D3s review at Fotopolis (and Times Square samples)
January 22: Prices of popular compact and superzoom digital cameras (visual format)
January 22: A rumor of a D3x update in 2010 and an interview with Nikon R&D
January 21: New Canon 1D Mark IV firmware coming (updated)
January 21: Ricoh existential comparison: GX200 vs GXR S10
January 21: The 100% reader-funded blog-experiment is ON!
January 21: Top 10 tested cameras at Fotopolis
January 21: Vase-a-thon (ISO crop from M9, 7D, D300s and E-P2)
January 21: DSLR prices - a graphical view
January 21: Canon 1D Mark IV stock status
January 20: New Cosina Voigtlander Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm f5.6 aspherical II lens
January 20: Sony Alpha A230 production ends
January 20: No longer a walk in the park for Canon (new top selling cameras update)
January 20: Dear Leica, ..., Sincerely, Luminous Landscape (and other Leica stories)
January 20: PDN survey results: Most influential photographers of decade
January 20: The Megapixel Lie and Diffraction Fraud goes viral
January 20: D3s vs 1D Mark IV high-ISO comparison (updated)
January 20: Stacking the lenses on the Panasonic GF1
January 20: Hands-on with Samsung NX10 (compared to Panasonic G1)
January 19: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Nikon D3s for $5200
January 19: Samsung does not want to buy Pentax (says Samsung CEO); new hybrids may come 2010:H2
January 19: First impressions with new Pentax 100mm f2.8 WR macro
January 19: Today: Four years of Alpha DSLRs under Sony control
January 19: The hybrid challenge to small DSLRs (a report by DPNow)
January 19: Hands-on with the SigZillas (Sigma 300-800 f5.6 and 200-500 2.8)
January 19: Two new Nikon D3s reviews at Pop Photo and Pocket Lint
January 19: Picture #12000 in the flickr pool (thanks to everyone for sharing!)
January 19: Samsung NX10 review at SLRClub (korean)
January 19: Steve's Digicams reviews Canon's 7D
January 19: Dissecting the Olympus E-P2 autofocus (technical)
January 19: New CompactFlash: 600X Active Media and 400X Silicon Power (128GB)
January 18: Canon 5D Mark II deal alert at Adorama
January 18: Pentax K-x review at Foto Actualidad
January 18: Canon 1D Mk IV vs Nikon D3s ISO crops
January 18: New Samsung NX10 samples from Korea
January 18: Curiosity review: Casio EX-G1 elementproof camera
January 18: New Samsung HZ35 with GPS (also HZ30) - both 15X superzooms
January 18: Three new Samsung P&S models TL110 (ST70), TL105 (ST60), SL630 (PL80)
January 18: Remembering MLK
January 18: Nikon 18-200mm DX VR II review (also $5000 Photocrati Fund grant launches)
January 18: Zeiss Ikon rangefinder review (a film camera)
January 17: Crazy-experiment: Running this blog ad-free (but would need your help!)
January 17: New E-P2 review (and ISO comparison: E-P2 vs D300s vs 7D)
January 17: Rumor of in-lens and in-sensor stabilization working together (Pop Photo magazine)
January 17: On-going Leica M9 diary by Steve Huff
January 17: Canon 1D Mark IV first impressions and sounds
January 17: Interview with Samsung Vampire (more NX, no K-DSLR; also K-SDM-petition)
January 17: Leica M9 makes Top 25 debut (new DSLR top sellers update)
January 17: Touching new cameras at CES 2010 (round-up)
January 17: Pixel-peeping the Pentax K-x
January 16: K-mount to NX-series lens adapter picture leaks
January 16: Wired's "5 reasons to ditch your DSLR" causes vigorous debate
January 16: Samsung NX10 full-size samples and preview
January 16: Canon 7D review at Imaging Resource
January 16: Hot topics: Too many wedding photographers? CGI vs ad-photographers?
January 15: Six weather-sealed DSLRs compared (sub-$2000)
January 15: Photographic benefit for the Haiti earthquake survivors
January 14: Thom analyzes market shares (and Pentax K-x finishes #3 in Japan for December 2009)
January 14: Are you a big fan of a particular brand? Join the Twitter Fan lists
January 14: Sony A550 review at Digital Camera Review
January 14: Kodak shares with Samsung, sues Apple and RIM (also: speculation)
January 14: Trying out Lijit search-box instead of Google
January 14: Video-DSLRs invade UK video trade show
January 14: First comparable samples with new 14mp 1/2.3" sensor (with Sony W330/W350)
January 13: Noise wars: Nikon D3000 vs Pentax K-x
January 13: New cameras from The Others
January 13: Real-world Canon 7D auto-focus testing with BIF
January 13: (DEAD) Bargain alert: Olympus E520 two-lens kit ships for $413
January 12: Head-on Canon 1D Mark IV vs Nikon D3s (ISO 100 to 100K)
January 12: Leica X1 review at LensTip and hands-on at Quesabesde
January 12: Nikon D3s review by Steve Huff
January 12: Rumor of Fuji, Sigma, Kodak (even Canon) joining Micro Four Thirds
January 12: Pentax K-x samples and ISO comparison (vs K-m)
January 11: New Olympus E-P2 reviews and opinions
January 11: Ricoh GXR A12 review at CNet Asia and other stories
January 11: Handholding heresy (also: Ansel Adams via William Neill)
January 11: No CaNiKoNs at the TOP 2009 Cameras of the Year
January 11: The CES 2010 round-up of after-show round-ups
January 11: New DSLR Top sellers: La Resistance has formed (Kx and G)
January 10: 56 new digital cameras in 2010 (50% more than last year)
January 10: Catching up with the Samsung NX10 action
January 10: The Ricoh GRD cameras take on the Epson R-D1s
January 10: New Sony Bloggie camcorder stick offers 360-video-panaroma accessory and baits bloggers with its name
January 9: Leica S2 first impressions at CI by JA
January 9: Let's Go spot a prototype Casio camera with GPS
January 9: New Casio EX-Z330 and Z35 P&S models
January 8: Coolest gadget shown at CES: Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bicycle?
January 8: Canon 1Ds Mark IV rumors and new lens patents
January 8: Samsung working on 3D P&S camera - evidence at CES
January 7: AP UK interviews Samsung at CES on NX and GX
January 7: And the winner of the HDR contest is...
January 7: Canon announces new wireless transmitters for 5DMk2 and 1D Mk IV
January 7: Samsung NX10 vs Panasonic GF1 ISO comparison
January 7: New Sony Cybershot HX5v is a buzzword-bandwagon: AVCHD, 1080i, GPS, Compass, Exmor-R, BackLit, HDR, MP4, SDHC, etc
January 7: New Sony Cybershot TX7 is third Exmor-R backlit CMOS camera
January 7: dpreview digests CES
January 7: Sony redefines redundancy with ten overlapping Cybershots, but partially or fully embraces SDHC cards
January 7: New Casio EX-FH100 uses 10mp CMOS backlit sensor and powerful NP-90 battery
January 7: New Casio EX-H15 blade-zoom with 10X zoom and 1000+ CIPA rating (just like the EX-H10)
January 7: New Casio EX-Z2000 and EX-Z550 P&S cameras
January 7: Rounding up a high-volume CES 2010 day
January 6: New Panasonic FH22 and FH20 (FS33, FS30) are new 8X compact-zoom variations (28-224mm)
January 6: New Panasonic FH3 and FH1 (FS11, FS10) are step-up P&S models
January 6: Panasonic launches new trio of folded optics P&S cameras with FP1, FP2 and FP3
January 6: Panasonic F3 and F2 are new, modest, LiIon-based P&S cameras
January 6: Panasonic reveals first SDXC cards - priced like DSLRs
January 6: New element-proof Olympus Tough 3000 takes SDHC and removes purchase-roadblock
January 6: New Olympus FE-5030, FE-4040, and FE-4030 P&S models as well
January 6: Four new SDHC-based Olympus Stylus models feature 1gb+ on-board memory to help with the SDHC transition
January 6: New Olympus FE-4020 and FE-47 replace July 2009 models with SD/SDHC
January 6: Polaroid brand gets starstruck with Lady Gaga
January 6: New Samsung TL210 and TL205 are new two-screen (Dual-View) models
January 6: New Samsung TL240 (ST 5000), SL600, SL50 (also CL80/ST5500 gets official and hydro-formed)
January 6: Canon DSLR discount alert: 7D, 5DMk2, XSi
January 6: Watch live: Sony CES press conference at 7:15pm New York City time
January 6: Leica D-Lux 4 price-hike under way (some $700, some $800)
January 6: New firmware for Nikon D300s, D700, D3 and D3x
January 6: Finally! Olympus supports SD/SDHC in three new Stylus models
January 6: We Surrender, Sincerely, ...Sony (was: Sony launches SD/SDHC cards)
January 6: PDN Gear Guide reviews the Leica S2 monster
January 6: dpreview editorial: lenses for small compact cameras
January 6: New Kodak Slice hopes for success as slick smartphone-inspired touchscreen camera
January 5: New Kodak Z981 superzoom goes 14mp and 26X zoom, keeps RAW and faux-grip
January 5: New Kodak M580 (8x wide), M575 (5x wide), M550, M530, C142, PlaySport waterproof stick
January 5: Leica X1 review by Steve Huff
January 5: Nikon D3s ISO comment and lots of Nikon goodies in first half of February says Thom
January 5: 30-seconds to overheat - adventures with the SB-900 flash and NiZn AA batteries
January 5: Nikon 70-200mm VR II review at SLR Gear
January 5: Omnivision confesses to 14.6mp 1/2.3" sensor; storage sellers party in the streets
January 5: New memory cards from Eye-Fi and Lexar
January 5: New Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM lens matches Nikon
January 5: Canon reveals new A3100 IS, A3000 IS, A495 and A490, loses AA batteries on first two


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