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January 14, 2010

First comparable samples with new 14mp 1/2.3" sensor (with Sony W330/W350)

Once upon a time the 1/2.x" sensors were sidekicks of the 1/1.7" sensors. Now the 1/2.3" sensors have taken over as the dominant sensors in digital cameras. And as the manufacturers continue to try to sway the average consumer with "horse power", the number of megapixels continue to increase. 2010 brings us the 14mp 1/2.3", which was first revealed when Samsung leaked its own CL80 camera. As CES came and went, a significant number of the 50+ new cameras are using 14mp 1/2.3" sensors.

Now the first real test of this sensor comes with the full-size Comparometer-compatible test-sample pictures of the new Sony W350 and W330 published by Imaging Resource. Then using their Comparometer, you can compare to any other cameras they have in their database. Here are a couple of Sony cameras of comparison interest to the W350/W330: The W220 in there is using the 12mp 1/2.3" sensor (announced at CES 2009), and the WX1, which is using the 10mp 1/2.3" Exmor. If the samples don't self-align, be sure to look for the equivalent scenes.

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