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January 10, 2010

Catching up with the Samsung NX10 action

Time to catch up with some of the latest happenings in the world of the Samsung NX10. We start with news from AP UK that the Samsung Apps Store will be accommodating web-enabled cameras in the near-future, and the NX-series may be included in the future, but not just yet. The possibility of camera-apps is quite interesting, depending on what type of access apps have to the data and at which point in time. Especially in the more advanced cameras that have more "horsepower" than the basic P&S models.

RedCrow strikes again
RedCrow strikes again in the dpreview forums (read flat view), mentioning that a superzoom lens like the 14-140mm of M43rds is in the pipeline.

NX10 pre-production sample pictures
DigitalCameraReview stormed the Samsung booth and after a brief siege, they managed to get five full-size sample pictures with a pre-production camera. They also note that there are more lenses coming and a K-mount adapter. The pictures are available as full-size JPEGs to download for evaluation purposes, but please keep in mind this was a pre-production camera.

This dpreview thread (read flat link) points at pre-production sample pictures at the Korean SLR Club forums.

Hands-on with the NX10
Pocket Lint has a 14-picture gallery of handling the camera themselves. These are pictures of the camera body with the 30mm pancake, not pictures taken with the camera.

CNet UK opines on the camera, and object to the lack of innovation and differentiation from M43rds (other than sensor-size of course).

More action, including two videos of the machine-gun mode at 3fps and 30fps via Foto Actualidad. The videos include brief Korean ads.

Next up, Photography Bay has a hands-on post from the CES trade-show, providing multiple angles of the camera and first impressions with the pre-production model.

Staying at CES, a five-picture gallery from CES is posted at Engadget.

Samsung's own blog
From Samsung's own imaging blog, there are two "consumery" videos, first a 74-second intro to the camera, and then a near 5-minute video with pocket-dude. Perhaps "pocket dude" is up to something - this could be a compromise between the Ricoh GRD III (small sensor) and the Leica X1 (too expensive) - without necessarily switching or converting to NX. Just the NX10 + pancake. Please note the target audience for these videos are consumer-geeks, not pixel-peeping photographers.

Price - may be?
Spotted in this dpreview thread, B&H Photo has a place-holder listing for the Samsung NX10 with a price of $700. However, there is very little information, so one cannot tell for sure which kit this is. The pictures show the camera with the 30mm pancake, but nowhere in the product-text it mentions the lens, and the B&H product-code does not suggest this is a kit with a lens. This may likely be the body-only! Plus Digital Camera Review was told that the pancake won't be available in a kit-bundle initially.

So, please don't get price-excited just yet - as they say, patience is a virtue! It is not available for pre-order yet.

This also points to the need for manufacturers to include these three things with every product announcement:
+ product description
+ price
+ estimated release date

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