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January 05, 2010

Canon reveals new A3100 IS, A3000 IS, A495 and A490, loses AA batteries on first two

Here we go! Canon has revealed a new four-pack of Powershot models today! The A-series, now made up of PASM-eunuchs, has two sets of new models, the A3100 IS and A3000 IS that follow up on the A2100 and A1100, but lose the AA-batteries in-favor of LiIons, and the A495 and A490 that follow up on the A480. The A590 IS is twisting on eBay as it sees these :)

Canon A3100 IS
Canon tries here to give the A3100 IS Elph-like design elements by going to a slimmer body. And they do that by ditching the AA-batteries, another defining characteristic of the storied A-series. Other features include a 4X optical zoom lens (35-140mm eq) with stabilization, 2.7" LCD, SD/SDHC with support for SDXC, DIGIC III, and the usual consumer-friendly features of modes, and face detection.

A sigh of relief, Canon has stayed with the 12mp 1/2.3" sensor...

The camera is available already for pre-ordering at Amazon for $180, in your choice of blue, red, or silver. The release estimate is for late February.

Canon A3000 IS
The A3000 IS is like the A3100, but it has a 10mp sensor and a $150 price instead. Also with LiIon battery instead of AA. The Elph-style is more evident in the silver-black scheme this model is using and it is available for pre-order at Amazon for $150.

Canon A495
No IS here, and the AA batteries are retained. It has a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, with a 3.3x optical zoom lens (37-122mm eq), 2.5" LCD display, DIGIC III, SDXC support, and things like that.

It is available for pre-order for $129, in your choice of bright-red, bright-blue or silver.

Canon A490
This is similar to the A495 as you can expect, the marketing geniuses had to prune a couple of things off to justify the $20 price difference. As you can see at dpreview, the differences are minor.

The camera is available for pre-order at Amazon for $109.

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