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December 17, 2009

Ryan Brenizer on the D3s (and D3 comparison)

Ryan Brenizer, professional photographer and designated photography blogger at the Great River, has just published his experiential photographer-priority review of the Nikon D3s. With over 200K shots with the D3, Ryan compares and contrasts it to the new D3s from an experiential point of view. Web-size samples and videos are also included. No spoilers, but make some room for dessert, jello is served :)

For more on the camera, be sure to check the D3s reference page, which also serves as a stock-status matrix (see left sidebar). Currently the camera is shipping from Amazon itself for the opening price of $5200.

If you prefer flagship but pay a little less, B&H has the Nikon D3 for $4600, or if you are not afraid of refurbished, Adorama has refurbished D3 for $4000. (we can't use plural, because that's a different model, thank you Nikon marketing).

But still, for a lot of photographers, the Nikon D700 may be the best bang for the full-frame buck in the Nikon world. You can get it for $2400 at Amazon, where you can also take advantage of the $200 instant rebate if purchased together with the 70-300mm VR.

For long lists of reviews of the D3 and D700, be sure to check the busy DSLR Review Organizer, which you can also access quickly with the shortcut url

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