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December 22, 2009

Review Train: Sony A550, RAWsumers, lenses, and more

Time to take a catch-up with the waves and waves of reviews in the photo-blogo-sphere. Climb aboard the Review Train for a thrill ride!

Sony Alpha A550 action
We start with the Sony Alpha A550, where it gets a review at Photography Bay, checking out the major features of the camera. Also included is a A500 vs A550 ISO comparison. This is where we see how the two CMOS sensors with different megapixelations perform.

Digital Camera Review is working on a review of the camera, and they have started things up by sharing their early thoughts.

But before you use the camera you have to take it out of the box, and Ferdz Decena has an unboxing ceremony.

And now a couple of threads of interest in the dpreview Sony forums, first some HDR shots from the Forbidden City, and next a purchase debate: A700 or A550?

Lens Reviews
We have just refreshed the lens review diary with some of the reviews posted earlier this week. This covers reviews in a journal-format going back to April 2009.

Also of lens interest, Gordon Lewis of Shutterfinger, who you may also know from his Pentax K-7 review at TOP, has an article on the risk and rewards of fast and furious lenses: part #1 and part #2.

RAWsumer reviews
Time for some new RAWsumer (fixed-lens cameras with native RAW support) reviews staring with the Canon G11 evaluated by Lori Grunin at CNet America.

On the other side of the Canon aisle, we find a review of the Powershot S90 at Fotopolis. The review is in Polish, but the pictures do not need translation. This includes their usual ISO tests.

Compact Reviews
If you needed any further convincing that the Fuji F72-EXR is actually the F70-EXR in a different retail body, you can check out the F72-EXR review at CNet :)

The "gadget" camera of the year was perhaps the Nikon S1000pj with its built-in projector. And you can get one more opinion on the camera from tech-site Trusted Reviews.

Other Reviews
Now time to look at reviews of things beyond cameras+lenses! We start at DIYPhotography with a DIY review of the Strobist Gel Pack. Gels or not? Read on to find out...

Video's getting popular with more photographers, so CanonBlogger had a great idea - to review some of the video hosting services, including YouTube, Vimeo, DIY and Animoto. Not to be confused with Mr Roboto :)

Further Reading
For more reviews on the aforementioned digital cameras, be sure to check the DSLR Review Organizer and the Compacts/Fixed-Lens review organizer.

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