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December 01, 2009

RED Scarlet gets more solid and pricey (and other updates)

RED had been making some big bold statements over the years, but has not been delivering products to match the bravado. In-fact, in the meantime, in-between the RED banging-of-the-drums, many DSLRs came out supporting 720p and 1080p video, and Ricoh introduced their own semi-modular GXR system.

As usual, the announcement party started at the RED User Forums but this time the CEO was not the one leading the charge.

The biggest development is that the RED Scarlet, which uses a 2/3" sensor, became more solid, and got new (higher) prices and more features. The fixed-lens model with an 8X lens will go for $4750, and the body-only that takes interchangeable lenses will go for $2750. The estimate is a spring-to-mid-2010 release, until/unless it gets get rescheduled with a future RED announcement :) The temptation here is the 3K RAW video.

Other products mentioned in the announcement with status updates is the RED RAY Pro, the bombastic EVF, lenses, including their mini-primes, software updates, and such.

Considering the price-hikes that counter some of the feature additions and improvements, the "DSLR Killah" talk of the past slips further into dreamland. Speaking of which, they have a side-by-side camera-body-picture of the fixed-lens Scarlet and Nikon D3.

But in the video world, this continues to be a very promising system...

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