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December 29, 2009

Pentax K-x e-book by Yvon Bourque now shipping!

We have some news for current and future Pentax K-x users! Yvon Bourque has just launched his brand new Pentax K-x e-book. The current price is $11 via PayPal and it is delivered online. You can check some sample screenshots (corrected link) from the e-book. If you are considering the camera, getting the book may be one of the many ways to "e-evaluate" the camera features and usability before committing to a purchase.

Typically Canon and Nikon cameras get most of the "attention" from the book/tutorial publishers, leaving users of non-CaNiKoN brands disappointed, so it is nice to see independent publishers giving photographers an "assist". This noisy-blog being an indie-blog, we have a soft spot for indie-publishers.

From a fanboy perspective, having books/tutorials for a camera is one way to help bring in new users and beginners - especially with a camera like the K-x which could be someone's first DSLR.

We have added the book to the K-x review list for future reference. You can also check this week's B&H specials - it is also K-x themed.

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