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December 11, 2009

Nikon D3000 gets the dpreview review with new reviewer

dpreview fans will be thrilled to know that the website has added one more reviewer to their arsenal, and they badly needed to do so to keep up with the waves of interesting and intriguing cameras that are waiting or begging to be reviewed! The new reviewer, Barnaby Britton, is making his debut with a review of the Nikon D3000, the new entry-level Nikon DSLR. As usual, we will not leak the conclusions here, but you can jump to the conclusions if you can't wait to find out. Among other things, the camera is compared to entry-level rivals Sony A230 and Canon D-Rebel XS (1000D). Unlike fragrances, "XS" does not mean "excess" with this camera, it is quite the opposite in terms of features :) No Pentax or Olympus entry-level DSLRs are included in most of the technical comparisons, although the K2000 (K-m) makes a guest appearance at the Resolution Charts.

The review has been added to the list of D3000 reviews, however, that list needs to be refreshed as it does not include a lot of the recent reviews.

The Nikon D3000 KIT has decidedly dropped under $500, but its best bang for the buck offering is the two-lens kit created with the Nikon Instant Rebates, which expire at the end of day on Saturday December 12. The best price right now for the standard D3000 KIT (w/18-55mm DX VR) is $450 with free shipping available from Amazon itself, and J&R World, B&H Photo et al. (add to cart to see the actual prices)

This also raises the eternal-question of whether one should get a DSLR like the D3000 or D-Rebel or opt for an entry-level model with sensor-shift stabilization like the ones offered by Sony, Pentax and Olympus. Then there's the issue of auto-focusing with older (but not ancient) lenses as well. This partly depends on who the camera is for. If it is for someone who is planning to use it mostly as a P&S DSLR for family, vacation and fun purposes, the decisions may be different from someone who is planning to use a DSLR with older lenses or is very serious about learning more about photography in the next couple of years.

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