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December 23, 2009

New top selling DSLRs: we expand to Top 25

Time for another look at the top selling DSLRs at Amazon. If this is your first encounter with this recurring feature, be sure to check the FAQ first. You may also notice something slightly different - we have expanded from a Top 20 to a Top 25 since we have so many exciting cameras available in multiple kits.


Pentax K-x gets three in the Top 25
The expansion to the Top 25 brings in three out of the 7+ standard kits of the Pentax K-x. With prices and stock status being all over the place, it is like a revolving door of K-x kits :)

The Consumers Rush In
As expected, this is the season everyone is buying digital cameras, not just the enthusiast photographers and professionals. So it is not a surprise to have the XS/XSi and D3000/D5000 take over the top spots. The XS grabbed the #1 spot partially thanks to $409 special (now expired) deal earlier on.

How high can the GF1 get if it stays in-stock?
One of the questions we haven't been able to get answered is how high can the Panasonic GF1 get? For the most part, the camera has not been able to stay in-stock for more than a few hours/days in a row, so it can't build up momentum. Now both GF1 kits are in-stock at $900, and the GF1+pancake is already at #8. Can supply keep up this time?

Top 25 vitals
+ # of 35mmFF DSLRs: 1
+ # of M43rds: 3
+ # of non-CaNiKoNs: 6
+ Canon vs Nikon: 10-9
+ # of cameras under $500: 4 (and one at $500)
+ # of cameras over $1000: 6
+ # of price upticks vs downticks: 2-4 (the mass-discounting trend is over)

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