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December 06, 2009

New TamTokSig photography contest (prize: $25 e-certificate)

Usually the lenses from the major camera-manufacturers (Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Olympus) and the "designer" brands (Leica, Zeiss) get most of the attention, so this contest will give some love to the less celebrated lenses. This is a general photography contest, as long as the pictures are taken with third-party lenses such as Tamron, Tokina, Sigma, Vivitar, Quantaray, Phoenix, Samyang, etc. There is no theme in this contest, you decide the subject(s).

+ Deadline: Enter by Sunday December 13 at 11pm New York City time (worldclock). The winner will be announced by Thursday December 17.

+ How to enter? Leave a comment with a link to up to three of your pictures that you wish to enter in this contest. The pictures can be anywhere on the net (eg flickr, smugmug, blog, zenfolio, website, etc)

+ Do not email us your pictures! The only way to enter is to leave a comment with a link to your pictures

+ Emphasis is on creativity and mood, not pixel-peeping. This is a simple and fun contest!

+ the pictures you submit can be old or new - you decide

+ There is no rights grab whatsoever. We won't even publish the winning picture on the blog unless the winner gives us permission to do so.

+ Make sure when you leave a comment you also provide an easy way for us to contact you if you are the winner (email, blog, twitter, etc). Be sure the contact option you have is one that you check on a regular basis.

The prize: $25 e-Gift Certificate
+ The price is a $25 online gift e-certificate. It can only be redeemed at, not on any other international Amazon websites. It will NOT work at,, etc. It only works at

+ ships internationally, so everyone is welcome to enter the contest, as long as doing so is legal in your country of residence and you are over 18 years old. Please refer to the Help pages for details and restrictions on international shipping, import duties, and things like that.

+ is not sponsoring, is not endorsing and is not affiliated with this contest. The contest is Noisy-funded and Noisy-operated.

+ this is a green contest, the e-certificate will be delivered by email, so please do not send us shipping addresses and things like that!

+ In the next contest, we will try to offer more online gift certificate options. If you have any preferences and recommendations for retailers that offer online gift certificates and international shipping of their products, please let us know!

And the winner is...
We have just announced the winner of this contest. And the winner is ... revealed.

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