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December 2009 (208 posts)

December 31: And the Camera of the Year is... (in our opinion)
December 31: Pentax K-x night-time photos and new 21-page review
December 31: Happy New Year!
December 30: Chris Weeks on Leica M9 and many other things
December 30: New Samsung NX10 web-size samples "leaked"
December 30: A 5DMk2 "Magic Lantern" firmware hack primer
December 30: Hooray! New Hello Kitty Casio camera!
December 30: Best photos of 2009 project at JMG Galleries
December 30: Big in Japan - the top selling DSLRs and iLCs of 2009
December 30: Canon 7D checked out at Photography Bay
December 30: Catch up with the "Daily Watch" at the Insider
December 30: Eleven full-size low-light Nikon D3s samples
December 29: Pentax K-x e-book by Yvon Bourque now shipping!
December 29: New Four Thirds lenses from Samyang: 85mm f1.4 and 8mm f3.5 fisheye
December 29: Sports photographer sport-tests the Canon 1D Mark IV
December 29: Calumet reveals ProSpec 420X UDMA Compact Flash cards
December 29: Nine Leica X1 RAW samples at FN
December 28: Discover New Sites and Blogs: A new five-pack
December 28: Olympus E-P2 field review by Kirk Tuck
December 28: Photocrati review of the Canon G11 is out
December 28: ISO Wars: Nikon D3s vs Canon 5D Mark II (updated)
December 28: How would you use a 10-inch Apple tablet as a photographer?
December 27: New DSLR Top Sellers: K-x soup, GF1 steady, D300s is ...Stella
December 27: Reader Appreciation Day with benefits
December 27: Danish pro-photographer opines on the 1D Mark IV
December 27: Sony A550 review at Camera Labs (and Fotopolis)
December 27: Two Ricoh GXR hands-on reports we missed at Wouter and GR Diary
December 26: The Ricoh GXR system is now shipping
December 26: Olympus E-P2 review at Steve Huff, GF1 climbs the Himalayas, and other stories
December 26: Canon 7D vs Nikon D300s vs Pentax K7 at DC Watch
December 26: Leica S2 takes on the streets of New York (video hands-on)
December 26: Sony A900 revisited at Luminous - 365 mornings after
December 26: One more Samsung NX-10 leaked picture
December 25: Panasonic LX3 stock status page
December 25: Cameras of the Year - what does the photo-blogo-sphere think?
December 25: Samsung CL80 is a new 14mp 1/2.3" deluxe P&S with PASM (3.7" AMOLED, 7X at 31mm)
December 24: On Nikon and Razors
December 24: Photoxels tests out the Panasonic GF1
December 24: DC Watch evaluates the Casio EX-FC150
December 23: Google interested in DxO Labs? (rumors)
December 23: New Canon 7D short film by DC Watch
December 23: Reactions to the Pentax K-x review at
December 23: Alert: Panasonic GF1 + 14-42mm for $850
December 23: Olympus E30 review at DP Interface
December 23: The Pentax K-x dpreview review is out!
December 23: Party on Wayne (was: Sony Party Animal in pictures)
December 23: Panasonic GH1 available as body-only - at least in UK
December 23: New top selling DSLRs: we expand to Top 25
December 22: Laforet's Nocturne 1D Mark IV video is officially back
December 22: Review Train: Sony A550, RAWsumers, lenses, and more
December 22: And the winner of the Comment Trap contest is...
December 22: Tele-prime civil wars: Alpha-mount and K-mount
December 22: Canon 1D Mark IV adventures in Prague and other stories
December 22: Canon 7D review at DCRP and other adventures
December 22: Nikon D3 vs Nikon D3s ISO-wise by Georg Nyman
December 22: Olympus E-P2 tested at CNet Asia (and test-samples at Fotopolis) (updated)
December 21: The entries for the "Comment Moderation Trap" contest
December 21: Two new looks at the Ricoh GXR system
December 21: And the winner of the PEACE contest is...
December 21: A portrait of the Nikon D700 as a DX camera
December 21: Comment moderation technical issues (and new retro-active contest)
December 21: Curiosity factor: Casio EX-G1 test-samples at Imaging Resource
December 21: New top selling cameras: the consumers rush in
December 21: Leica M9 review at Photocrati
December 21: Holiday shopping (TZ7 (ZS3), K-x, Elements, A330, two-day shipping)
December 20: NASA buys Nikon D3s and 14-24mm f2.8 for use on Deep Space Nine
December 20: Ricoh goes blue with Stussy co-branded limited edition GRD III
December 20: New Sanyo DSC-X1250 is yet another P&S digicam
December 20: AlphaMountWorld opines on A500 vs D5000 vs T1i/500D
December 20: New photography contest - HDR (open for two weeks)
December 20: Leica M9 review web-extras at Le Monde
December 20: (DEAD) Canon Digital Rebel XS w/18-55mm for $409 with free two-day S&H
December 19: Two real-world pictures of Samsung 30mm pancake NX-series lens shown (updated)
December 19: Contest reminder: PEACE ends on Sunday night
December 19: (DEAD) Nikon instant rebates good until January 2, 2010 (D700 through D3000)
December 19: Noise wars: X1 vs GF1 vs D90 vs G11 vs DP2
December 19: 1D Mark IV action continues with Jedi Bloom and DC Fever
December 19: Creatures big and small: Mamiya + iPhone meet at the app store
December 18: Let's Go Digital talks Sony 3D and cameras (I think, maybe, kinda, not really?)
December 18: Leica X1 gets the dpreview review (now what?)
December 18: Samsung NX nano-rumor: pancake is 30mm f2
December 18: Canon 1D Mark IV high-ISO comparison at Unwired
December 18: Last minute shoppers: Free overnight shipping and free 2nd-day shipping
December 18: Bob Atkins reviews the Canon G11
December 18: Fake Chuck strikes again - he has new Twitter ...frenemies
December 17: Casio EX-FH25 sample pictures at DC Watch
December 17: Ricoh GXR system review at Photo Review
December 17: Pentax K-x w/18-55 and 55-300 ships now for $654 (updated)
December 17: Ryan Brenizer on the D3s (and D3 comparison)
December 17: Pentax K-7 pings with Digital Camera Review review
December 17: Reading is fun-da-mental (50 books to read)
December 17: Canon 7D produces Salvation Army holiday video
December 16: The Team of Rivals camera challenge
December 16: Sony A500 review at Alpha Mount World
December 16: Canon 7D review at Digital Camera Info
December 16: dpreview dissects the Canon G11 in a 21-page-a-thon
December 16: Nikon D3s samples, ISO range, hands-on at Quesabesde
December 16: Curiosity factor: First Casio EX-FC150 samples
December 16: R&D: MIT looking into sensors inside the LCD
December 15: New Micro Four Thirds photography forum
December 15: And the winner of the TamTokSig contest is...
December 15: Ricoh GXR system review by Xitek
December 15: (DEAD for now) Pentax K-x w/18-55mm (white) for $510
December 15: New Top Selling DSLRs update: The Holiday Shoppers are in
December 15: 1D Mark IV shoots "A day at the races" in slow-mo (video)
December 15: Samsung ST5500 P&S compact leaked
December 15: Olympus E-P2 review at Let's Go Digital
December 15: Free overnight shipping on Nikon, and 2nd-day on Canon gear
December 14: Flames cure LBA? (not quite, but R&D camera has 158 lenses)
December 14: Is the Leica M9 worthy of (luminous) landscapes?
December 14: Leica S2 review at GetDPI forums
December 14: A street cam named desire (was: street-camera comparison: G11 vs GRD3 vs GF1)
December 14: New Nikon instant rebate, D3s in-stock again (also: Amazon PayPhrase Cashback is CLOSED) (updated)
December 14: Ricoh GXR review at Photography Blog
December 14: New photography contest, "Peace" (prize: $25 e-certificate)
December 14: Lens Review diary updated
December 13: Olympus E-P2 stock status matrix
December 13: On Lens and Lense
December 13: Last call for entries in the TamTokSig photography contest
December 13: Olympus E-P2 vs Panasonic GF1 in real world pictures
December 13: Use the HD-DSLR Luke (was: Philip Bloom video-DSLRs Lucasfilms)
December 13: Compacts vs DSLRs, sensor comparison, DXO-style
December 12: Free Labor Controversy featuring James Nachtwey's studio
December 12: Weekend Shopper (updated: PayPhrase Cashback is OVER)
December 12: Detailed Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR II review by Mansurov
December 11: Mix and match: Olympus E-P1 with 10.5mm Nikkor fisheye
December 11: New DXoMark lab tests: 7D vs D300s, K7, A500 and A550, D3000, G11 and S90
December 11: Sensor comparison: Pentax K-x vs Nikon D700 vs D5000 (ISO, dynamic range)
December 11: Pixel-peeping the Olympus E-P2 with 150+ full-size test-samples
December 11: Santa Claus delivers first Leica S2
December 11: A two-month report on the Panasonic GF1 at Serious Compacts
December 11: Olympus E-P1 opinion-essay-review by EH at TOP concludes
December 11: Amazon launches PayPhrase cashback rewards (5% for Amazon, 10% for other retailers)
December 11: Nikon D3000 gets the dpreview review with new reviewer
December 11: More Samsung NX10 nano-rumors at Samsung forum
December 11: Leica M9 review by Georg Nyman at Photoscala
December 10: Vote is open for Reader's Choice camera at DC Watch
December 10: RicohForum first look at the Ricoh GXR system (APS-C unit)
December 10: Canon 7D analyzed at CNet
December 10: Two more Canon G11 reviews: Strobist and Trusted Reviews
December 10: Contest reminder and heads-up for next one
December 10: New Canon S90 and G11 reviews (added one more)
December 10: Panasonic officially grabs the Sanyo reigns and becomes PanaBorg
December 10: New Nikon 300mm f2.8 VR II lens and TC-20E III teleconverter
December 9: New DSLR Top Sellers soap-opera: Nikon grabs #1
December 9: New episodes on Ricoh GRD III and Olympus E-P1
December 9: If you have $10K to spare - used Honda or Leica Noctilux f0.95?
December 9: New Pentax FA 100mm f2.8 WR D Macro lens was leaked - now official (updated)
December 9: One more case of stealing a photographer's work
December 9: Shopping for the holidays? Check the Camera Deals blog for specials
December 9: Sony Alpha A550 gets its dpreview review
December 8: CIPA will launch its own international trade show in March 2010 in Japan
December 8: And the winner of the Switchaholic contest is...
December 8: Luminous reviews the Hartblei - mix and match lenses and digital backs
December 8: And the winner of the Cat Photography contest is...
December 8: Artist and friends fight back copy-cat seller who tried to reverse copyright
December 8: As the Micro Four Thirds World turns: E-P1 action, new reviews
December 8: Rant: Quick reminder for those who copy regularly
December 8: Leica re-prioritizes M9 over X1 (updated)
December 8: Short Pentax K-x and Sony A550 reviews at Tom's
December 8: Everybody is reviewing the Canon S90 today - Episode II
December 7: Phase One 645DF (w/P40+ back) full-size real-world samples
December 7: The Nikon Instant Rebates are LIVE again!
December 7: Mark your calendars: Photokina 2010 is September 21 to 26, 2010
December 7: Hogan talks current and future Nikkor lenses
December 7: Two new Canon 7D reviews and other stories
December 7: New Canon G11 reviews at Steve's and ALC
December 7: Samyang embraces Four Thirds (interview with
December 7: Sony Party-Shot in action (video clip)
December 6: New lens reviews added to the Lens Review Diary
December 6: New Zeiss ZE 50mm and 100mm f2 lenses for Canon (MF)
December 6: New TamTokSig photography contest (prize: $25 e-certificate)
December 6: Sony A850 review at CNet Asia
December 6: Image Sensors R&D at upcoming IEEE Conference
December 5: (DEAD) Deal alert: Pentax K-x (w/18-55, 55-300) for $669
December 5: Kodak selling all-things-OLED to LG
December 4: Canon explains 7D and 1D Mark IV new custom functions
December 4: Cats: Subjects or Photographers?
December 4: New tidbits on K-mount adapter for Samsung NX-series (rumor)
December 4: TOP has an Olympus E-P2 review live!
December 4: Nikon D300s review at Fotopolis and Register Hardware (updated)
December 4: New Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 DC OS HSM Macro gains OS, f4 (previous model was f4.5)
December 4: Reminder...
December 3: New Top Selling DSLRs: Pentax K-x moves in again
December 3: Fuji F70-EXR is three times a lady (three new reviews)
December 3: PMA gearing up for February 21-23, 2010 trade show
December 3: Nikon D3s test-samples (JPEG and RAW) at Imaging Resource
December 3: Ricoh GRD III - the big multi-part review has began!
December 3: Leica X1 sample pictures and ISO crops
December 3: The Pogue likes the Canon S90
December 3: Japanese interview with Sony - but computer-translated (talks mirrorless, DSLR movies, A700 replacement)
December 3: Patent-hunting: Canon's touch-screen DSLR?
December 3: Olympus E600 gets a review (E620 body-only WAS $439)
December 2: The Fuji 3D curiosity factor: system review at PhotoReview
December 2: On Olympus E-1 and noise (not a typo)
December 2: Canon 7D review at PDN Gear Guide
December 2: Pentax K-x w/18-55 for $550 (red, white, black); Kx w/18-55+50-200mm for $650 (also: firmware 1.01 is revealed)
December 2: Prime-action: Sony A550 with 30mm f2.8 DT SAM


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