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December 27, 2009

Reader Appreciation Day with benefits

Now that there is a break in the action, it is time for a Reader Appreciation Day! This blog depends on readers like you in so many different ways, and this being the holiday season, it is time for a reader appreciation day with benefits!

1. If you have a Twitter account, let us know if you want us to follow your updates on Twitter. Send us a DM or @ message on Twitter or leave a comment or use the contact form - be sure to mention your Twitter account.

2. If you have a personal-photography-themed Twitter profile, we will also add you to the list of Twitter photographers automatically. If you publish tutorial, tips, DIY blogs/sites, we will add them to the photography resources list instead. We will organize the technical/camera-oriented/news sites at a later date, since we already feature them here on a regular basis. We use the same criteria we use for the blog, so please don't submit spammy Twitter accounts or profiles.

3. If you want to have your pictures featured in the "Reader Picture Showcase" on the front page of the blog, simply add them to the blog's flickr pool. This is all done using standard Flickr scripts. We do not store or use the pictures for any other purpose. This is self-service by adding/removing pictures from the flickr pool. More details... If you have a Panasonic LX3, we are experimenting with a camera-centric picture-showcase at the LX3 diary.

4. Nominate your favorite photography-related website or blog (or your own website/blog) for a future update of Discover New Sites. Use the contact form for this and mention "Discover New Sites". This is both for old and new sites that may be new to you or new to me. You can see all the previously featured websites at the Netvibes wall.

5. If you have your pictures online, you can easily enter our photography-contests. The current contest is HDR-themed and closes on January 3, 2010.

6. If you have opinions on cameras or gear or photography that you feel are not getting enough attention, then you can express them in a guest-blog-post. Please note that guest-blog-posts are subject to the same guidelines we use on the blog. This is intended for individual photographers, not PR-types and friends.

7. Any other ideas for reader-friendly features? Let us know...

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