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December 03, 2009

Fuji F70-EXR is three times a lady (three new reviews)

Hello Commodores fans! :) The Fuji F70-EXR has received not one, not two, but three recent reviews at major review sites! We start with the latest one, just posted, hot off the e-wires at DC Resource. The third page has the pixel-peepiential stuff which includes the ISO-range crop-comparison. And they uncover a secret property of the camera - at ISO 12800 it can actually capture dark-energy and dark-matter :) In the bottled-comparison test, they compare it to the Canon SX200 IS and Nikon S630. Does the SuperCCD-EXR magic work at the 1/2" sensor-size? Read on to find out what they found out!

Next we visit CNet, where Joshua Goldman posts his CNet-style take on the camera, with their usual benchmark-style comparison on the second and last page.

And we close this round-up with a review at trusty Trusted Reviews with regular reviewer Cliff Smith. Page #5 has the intra-camera ISO comparison for those interested in that aspect.

All three reviews have been added to the list of F70 EXR reviews at the Compact Reviews Organizer.

The compact superzoom market is very competitive these days, and it is evidenced by the current price of the F70-EXR - it is shipping from Amazon itself for $200.

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