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December 25, 2009

Cameras of the Year - what does the photo-blogo-sphere think?

With the year winding down, it is time to check the various photography websites and blogs and see what picks they made as their cameras of the year! (We intentionally delayed our picks waiting/hoping for more information on the D3s and 1D Mark IV).

Please note that each website uses its own method and criteria for picking their selections, so most of the times you cannot compare the selections across websites in an apple and oranges fashion. Some of them are traditional "camera of the year" posts, others are hybrid buyer-guides or gift-guides which we group together at the bottom of the page. If we missed any website, please let us know! (the most recent additions to the list will have a NEW next to their entry).

Traditional Media goes Big Iron
We start at PDN Gear Guide where they reveal their gear of the year. There are four categories for DSLRs/iLCs, one award for compacts, one for lenses, and of course the camera of the year, which went to... *drum roll* a surprise - the Leica S2! On the lens front, the victory went to TamTokSig.

Big was also in at Pop Photo where the price-maligned Nikon D3x grabbed the hardware, fending off the Canon 7D and the M43rds-breakout-success, the Olympus E-P1. Read on to find out why the D3x was picked over the rest of the field.

DC Watch features the ten selections of the Japan Camera Industry Association. Yes, there is a film camera in the top ten! The other cameras are expected selections, with a surprise in the Panasonic FX40. And as a blast from the past, they revisit the decade that ended in 1996. [NEW]

Photography and Technology Sites/Blogs
Because we are fans of Debbie Downer, we now continue with the worst cameras of 2009 as selected by Digital Camera HQ. The list includes five P&S cameras, most of them at/under $100.

Digital Camera Info has seven different categories, one of which is the camera and the year. And the winner is ... the Canon 5D Mark II! [NEW]

Gizmodo picks four dSLRs based on different price ranges, and it is a Canon vs Nikon good old football-soccer tie: 2-2. The D3000 and D90 on one side, and the 7D and T1i/500D scored a goal.

The braintrust at CNet picked their 20 most notable products of 2009 and it included just one camera - the Nikon D5000. Also in the top 20 are two camcorder-sticks, the Flip and the Kodak equivalent.

Register Hardware puts on their judge robes and select the top mid-range compacts in the market. As you can expect, the field is dominated by superzooms, and the Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3) goes home with the e-trophy.

The ALC blog made picks from each manufacturer, as part of their Reader's Choice Awards (see below). They picked one camera from each manufacturer.

Radiant Life has made their best of the best picks of the year, with six cameras and three lenses going home with some e-hardware. [NEW]

Four contenders remain in the arena at Neutral Day, with two Canons, a Nikon and the GF1. [NEW]

We continue with a CaNiKoN-rebellion at Trusted Reviews, where they divide the camera market in three segments and pick winners in each - the Ricoh CX2 wins the compacts, the Pentax K7 wins the DSLRs, but the biggest surprise perhaps was that the Panasonic G1 did not only won the "Bridge camera" award, but it was also named product of the year. [NEW]

Reader Choice Awards
Readers from around the world, but mostly in Japan voted for the DC Watch Impress Awards. The Olympus E-P1 scored a prestigious victory, defeating the 7D, K7 and GF1 among many others. In the compacts, the LX3-killer (S90) finished ahead of the Ricoh GRD III and Sigma DP2. One interesting statistic at the bottom of the page: 98.2% of the voters were male. [NEW]

Adorama's Reader Choice Award went to the Pentax K-7 which won with a landslide victory, taking 55% of the vote thanks to support from the two major Pentax forums.

This is a hybrid award, picked by both "experts" and popular vote, the Vodaphone Pocket Lint awards, complete with a real-world party with tuxedos, people, food and even a sponsor! Five digital cameras were nominated, with the Panasonic GF1 stealing the show.

Buyer's Guide Selections
Photography Bay breaks down the camera-field in six categories and make their picks.

Shawn Barnett of Imaging Resource picks his soccer team (11 cameras) - there is no overall winner, but plenty of familiar names. He also picks two cameras for kids under 10. If you want a more elaborate list, Dave's Picks include about 50 camera picks. With a market of nearly 500 active models, it is actually around 10% of the field.

NeoCamera breaks down the field in parts and delivers the results. Fuji fans will be thrilled with winners in the compact cameras category - a landslide! There are two DSLR categories, and the Nikon D3 and Pentax K-x take home the hardware.

DigiCamReview picks their reviewed cameras of the year. This is a cross between a CoY and a buyer's guide. Ten cameras are given the highly recommended rating, without a defacto winner. Panasonic "wins" the top ten as they have placed four cameras. Please note this is based on the cameras they have reviewed, not every camera in the universe.

The ALC blog shares their picks in an elaborate buyer's guide. There is a total of six different categories. No overall winner is picked.

DC Resource has refreshed their selections and now a total of 18 digital cameras are recommended there.

Digital Camera Review has a holiday-themed guide, breaking down the field in four major categories.

Gift Guide selections
Jeff Revell's favorite things gift guide includes two digital cameras, the Panasonic LX3 and the Canon S90.

Scott Kelby's Gonzo Gift Guide is a cross between a gift-guide and products of the year. Among this year's favorite we find the Nikon 70-300mm and Canon 18-200mm EF-S. No cameras were selected.

The i4u tech blog picks ten digital cameras in their gift guide, starting with #11 :) That's because it is part of their top 100 gift guide, and they group gear by category in the top 100. Don't ask :) The list is a nice blend of photographer-favorites and gadget-blog-bait cameras like the S1000pj, TL225, TX1 and EX-FC100.

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