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December 21, 2009

Comment moderation technical issues (and new retro-active contest)

We have a blog-related technical update. There was a technical issue with our comment moderation system, namely, it stopped sending email notifications when there were pending comments waiting for moderation. We did not notice this until Eugene (photo blog) mentioned it on Twitter. Thanks Eugene!

Part of it is also my fault, because I set a moderation trigger on the number of links in the comments, and forgot to increase it for the contests! *falls on sword*

We are going through the pending comments as we speak. If you left an on-topic comment and you did not see it on the blog, it's not because we deleted it - it's because it was "trapped in moderation". There were a few on-topic comments like this including a post showing panorama samples with the Sony HX1.

This does not affect the outcome of the on-going HDR contest, or the Peace contest, since we have not selected a winner yet.

However, the older contests were affected: there are 10+ entries that were trapped in "moderation-hell" for contests that are now closed and have a winner declared. The simplest and more practical thing to do now is to group all these entries together into a brand new retro-active general-photography contest and pick one winner of this impromptu "Comment Moderation Trap" contest. Please do not submit any entries for this contest. Only the entries "trapped" in moderation for contests with an already declared winner are eligible. We will have another update on this as we group them together and pick the winner.

All apologies for the technical issues...

If you notice any problems like this, please do not hesitate to send an email or Twitter note. We can't catch everything, so your help is greatly appreciated!

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