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December 29, 2009

Calumet reveals ProSpec 420X UDMA Compact Flash cards

Companies don't seem to want to wait for 2010 to come, let alone wait for CES anymore. Today Calumet Photo has revealed in their weekly e-newsletter the availability of their new 420X ProSpec Compact Flash UDMA memory cards. I'm sure their choice of speed will make them some new friends ;-) Not to be confused with their existing 305X ProSpec cards.

Be sure to note that not all DSLRs are compatible with these, so make sure you check first! Some DSLRs may require a specific firmware version for compatibility. We obviously do not know how these perform in tests and compare to other cards, but for existing cards you can get a feel of card speeds at Galbraith's CF/SD performance database.

Already the 8gb card is shipping via Amazon for $85 with free shipping. All the cards are listed on their website with a "2 to 4 weeks" shipping estimate as follows:

+ 16gb ProSpec 420X CF for $145
+ 32gb ProSpec 420X CF for $250
+ 64gb ProSpec 420X CF for $450

But they are not the only ones at 420X. Delkin has a couple of 32GB/64GB cards for $200 and $300 respectively.

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