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December 08, 2009

Artist and friends fight back copy-cat seller who tried to reverse copyright

I'm sure a large number of our readers are photographers, some artists, some small business owners, some one-man/one-woman shows, so you may find this story of interest as you may find (or have found) yourself in the artist's shoes.

We just learned through the SMac Thoughts blog of a case where a mass-market seller tried to reverse the copyright of the artwork of an independent artist, John T. Unger (artwork), so that the mass-market seller could mass-produce the artwork they copied (!) from the artist. The nerve some of the copycats have!

But thanks to the internet, this created a fire-storm in the world of online artists and it looks like there may be a good ending as the artist posted on his blog that the case was just settled by mutual agreement.

If the name sounds familiar to TypePad users, John T. Unger also created the very helpful Typepad Hacks blog, which was a great resource when this blog came to TypePad. We only wish we had learned of this situation earlier on so we could have added our support.

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