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November 16, 2009

Two new Pentax K-x reviews today

The Pentax K-x has added two new reviews to its database! We start with a photographer-priority review at Photocrati by Jack Neubart which goes through the camera and points out points of interest, including battery issues and an ISO crop-comparison going all the way to 6400. As usual, no spoilers here :)

The second review comes from Digital Camera Review. ISO comparison crops and real-world pictures on page #2 and conclusions on the last page.

You can find more reviews of the camera at its review cluster at the DSLR review organizer.

Battery Talk
RiceHigh points out a couple of videos talking K-x battery issues, NiMH vs Lithium.

And here is another forum discussion on batteries.

Forum action
One photographer found the K-X at the local Fry's and shares hands-on first impressions.

How does it feel to have a green K-x? One photographer shows the green camera. Now green with envy? :) And another photographer got an orange one. I can see Vitamin C from my house!

Prices slide a little bit
We have just refreshed the K-x stock status matrix and we noticed some small discounts since the previous update of last week. You can check the whole picture there, but here are some highlights here:

+ black body-only: $600 with free Pentax sling bag at NewEgg
+ black kit w/18-55mm: $600 with free 4gb SDHC at Abe's of Maine
+ white kit w/18-55mm: $619 with bonus 4gb SDHC at Abe's of Maine
+ blue kit w/18-55m: $650 at Adorama

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