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November 21, 2009

Two more Canon S90 reviews are out!

The Canon S90 review parade continues with two more! We start at Digital Camera Review, where they put the camera through the paces. The pixel-peepiential stuff is on page #2, including brick walls (be sure to listen to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" every time you pixel-peep a brick wall), and full-range intra-camera ISO comparisons.

Next we enter the Matrix and discover that Neo has a review site,, and he has just reviewed the S90 as well. NeoCamera has a different layout than most review sites, so be sure to take a deep breath before you try to speed-read through :) Of comparison-interest, the "Cropped Images" pages include comparisons to the Fuji F200 EXR [reviews].

You can check all the S90 reviews so far at its review cluster. If we missed any review that deserves to be included, please let us know!

And we close this segment with a custom-grip featured at Eolake and available from the designers at Kleptography, which has created custom accessories for other cameras as well (LX3, G9, DP-series, etc).

In terms of availability, we have just refreshed the S90 stock status page and the camera continues to be in-stock without problems at its opening price of $430 at many reputable retailers including OneCall and Abt Electronics.

And in perhaps a testament of its popularity, popular tech retailer Nuevo Huevo has a limit of five units per person. What? Are people stock-piling them thinking there will be another LX3-like shortage-phenomenon so they can sell them at a profit?

The S90 is showing signs of becoming a Powershot Cannibal - it could eat sales from both the G-series (G10, G11) and the high-end Elphs!

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