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November 15, 2009

Sony A550 review at Alpha Mount World

Perhaps the previous A300/A350 duo left a bitter taste in reviewer's mouths, perhaps they are overworked and out of time because of the so many intriguing new cameras in 2009, but the A500/A550 duo has not received a lot of review attention, at least not yet. And the numbers don't lie, 30+ reviews for the Panasonic GF1 and under ten for the A500/A550!

But today there is a detailed A550 review at Alpha Mount World, a website that specializes on all-things-Alpha! As usual, no spoilers here, but for those in a hurry, conclusions are on page #8.

From a sensor perspective, this should also be of interest to users of DSLRs that use Sony sensors, as we may see this sensor (or a variation of it) find its way into other DSLRs and such in 2010.

And one more thing, an A500 review is coming next at AlphaMountWorld, so stay tuned! Speaking of Alphas, they and the Leicas will be the next iLCs to get a review-cluster at the DSLR+RF+M43 Review Organizer.

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