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November 26, 2009

Pre-Black Friday madness: The Best of what we can find right now

A new wave of specials will come out on Thursday and even more as Friday dawns. But many retailers already began their Black Friday festivities. In this giant post, we summarize the best of what's available right now (3:30am EST on Thursday November 26). Prices and availability are not updated automatically as there is no magic technology to do that.

You can check for new waves of specials at the Camera Deals blog which is updated non-stop. Or if you prefer, you can read the headlines only which allows you to scan everything posted in November in one page.

We frequently mention the Discover discount on in this post. If you are interested in this, be sure to read all about it and understand its terms/conditions, and search for qualifying products at the new detailed Amazon-Discover promotional page. This is an easy additional $10 discount on qualifying orders of qualifying products of $50+ for those who already have a Discover card (there are almost 50 million of these cards in circulation). If any of the items we mention below qualify for this discount, we will mention it in their segment. In a few cases mentioned below, this can get you discounts on gear that has not been discounted yet and it may be their lowest price yet.

The Nikon D700 body only has dropped to $2400. Avoid the D700 + 24-120mm kit because it costs more than the body-only + lens purchased separately!

The Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D) with the 18-55mm EF-S can be had for $690 by J&R World on Amazon, or Amazon itself (w/Discover discount). The price for this kit was around $730 when the instant rebates were active this week.

If you are a loyal Four Thirds user and need another body, the Olympus E620 body only has dropped to $530!

B&H Photo has all the qualifying Pentax lenses for the VISA rebates in-stock, and in terms of price, the K-7 + 18-55mm WR for $1015 (after $100 VISA rebate) is the best body deal. If you don't like mail-in rebate VISA cards, the body only goes for $1090, so it still makes more sense to get the kit with the 18-55mm WR, unless you don't want the 18-55mm WR lens no matter what.

In Alpha-land, the Sony A230 standard kit (w/18-55) is going for $430 at J&R World. And on the A550 front, the best bang for the buck right now are the two-lens kits at B&H ($1050 and $1070), taking advantage of the instant rebates ($230). Instant rebates end on December 19.

The Canon 50mm f1.8 II can be yours from Amazon for $98 ($88 w/Discover discount).

This is the lowest price ever on the Panasonic 20mm pancake - for $390 by taking advantage of the Discover discount at Amazon.

Serious compact digital cameras
The silver Panasonic LX3 ships for $423 by Amazon ($413 w/Discover discount).

The Sigma DP2 has dropped below the $600 mark, you can get it for $591 at Amazon ($581 w/Discover discount).

Thanks to one of our anon-readers for this tip - you can get the Canon S90 for $400 with free shipping plus sales-tax at Depending on where you live, this may actually cost more than the $430 price, so an alternative is for $421 ($411 w/Discover discount).

The lowest price for the Canon G11 can be had by taking advantage of the Discover discount at Amazon which makes it $440 ($450 - $10 = $440). Alternately, you can get it for $450 at B&H Photo.

Thanks to the $10 Discover discount, you can have the Panasonic FZ38 (FZ35) for $315 at

The Casio EX-H10 (with its 1000 CIPA battery) can be yours for $217 at Amazon ($207 w/Discover).

P&S digital cameras
You can have the Canon SD1200 IS, in your choice of colors for $150 at NewEgg (see below) or at which offers a free 4gb SDHC. You can get this for $140 at Amazon if you take advantage of the Discover $10 off discount.

The Fuji F70 EXR is selling for $200 at ($190 w/Discover discount)

This was selected as one of the worst cameras of 2009 at DigitalCameraHQ, but if you read the reviews and are not afraid, you can get the special edition Pentax W80 bee from Adorama for $230.

Sub-$100 cameras
Coolpix this! The red Nikon L20 goes for $90 at Amazon, with free shipping and a bonus 4gb Kingston SDHC memory card. The blue version costs nearly $100.

You can have the Fuji J28 for $80 and this includes a bonus Fuji camera case and a 2gb SD card. Offered at ($70 w/Discover discount).

You can have the full version of Paintshop Pro X2 Ultimate for $40 with free shipping regardless of delivery method directly from Corel. This promotion ends on November 30.

If you are an Adobe fan, they have coupons for that get you $50 off $500+, and $20 off $250-$499. Also a rebate on Elements 8 for Mac.

Apple fans
It may take a while before the hot new Apple mouse gets discounted, but if you take advantage of the $10 off Discover discount, it is yours for $59 instead of $69.

NewEgg Black Friday is live
NewEgg has launched their specials on Wednesday afternoon and after about an hour of website slowness, things returned to normal. There were no earth-shuttering specials, but some people may find some of the specials interesting. Already the two $200 Gateway netbooks have sold out. Camera-wise, the best price is the Canon SD1200 IS for $150.

Easy $10 discount with Discover on Amazon is running a co-promotion for existing Discover credit card members. You can take $10 off the price of orders of $50 or more. Be sure to read our summary. And now it is a lot easier to find qualifying items, there is an Amazon-promotion page that lists all participating items.

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