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November 08, 2009

Exhibition time: Stephen Gillette's Big Sur Tondi

Time for a quick break from gear-talk! Hopefully if/when camera-craziness quiets down, we'll have more photography-priority features again!

If you needed one more reason to justify a trip to Southern California and Disneyland, how about visiting a photographic exhibition? Photographer-artist Stephen Gillette, who you may have seen featured recently at TOP's Random Excellence segment, or you may recognize from online contributions in the photo-blogo-forum-sphere, or from the real-world, is exhibiting his work "Big Sur Tondi" at the Cypress College in Southern California. The exhibit started November 2nd, and continues until December 11, with the artist talk and reception on Wednesday November 18 at 7pm local time. You can find more details, dates, directions, and see some of the work at the "Big Sur Tondi" micro-site.

This is on the artistic-abstract side of photography, an exploration of light on moving water at the Big Sur, printed as big as 48-inch square, while the smaller prints were made using a very special paper, imported from Japan. For more on the artist-photographer, be sure to check his portfolio.

If you have an upcoming exhibition of your photographic work, please let us know.

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