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November 28, 2009

Pentax fans give the K7 the Reader's Choice award at ALC

The Pentax K-7 fanbase, encouraged by an e-Pentaxian representative, both in the PFFs and the dpreview forums, voted in large numbers in the ALC Camera of the Year poll, and gave the Pentax K7 a big victory with 55% of the vote.

Not to take anything away from the K-7, but this shows the importance of voting. But that's a story for a different blog.

The poll itself had its flaws. For one thing, the list of cameras eligible for a vote did not include all the "hot cameras". For example, they picked the GH1 instead of the GF1 as the Panasonic option. Another issue, by using the "fairness doctrine" of one camera per manufacturer, you had a camera like the Casio EX-FS10 being a candidate over 100+ more popular cameras.

On the other hand, with nearly 500 current digital camera models, it's very hard (if not impossible) to have a practical camera-of-the-year poll.

There's even a press release (!) announcing the results of the online poll, which I'm sure will end up getting printed, framed, and hang on the walls of select Pentaxian die-hards :)

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