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November 04, 2009

Olympus E-P2 and two lenses officially announced

The life of the Olympus E-P2 started with a leak at the BJoP. This is a new Micro Four Thirds interchangeable-lens camera, the second from Olympus and the fifth overall in this new system. The specs look promising, but timing and pricing are a little suspect.

Announcement and Preview Coverage
+ Hands on preview at CNet Asia including side-by-side camera-body pictures with GF1 and E-P1
+ Secret Interview with Sally Smith Clements of Olympus USA at PPE by Imaging Resource (around 8 minutes)
+ Hands-on preview at Four Thirds User
+ Preview at Imaging Recourse
+ preview at DC Resource
+ dpreview
+ Digital Camera Review shows (with a video) the AF Tracking feature
+ Digital Story
+ Photoscala (900 euro with VF2 included)
+ Engadget
+ PhotoReview
+ Spec-comparison-a-thon at CNet USA

Olympus E-P2 preorders have began
It didn't take Amazon long to put the camera in pre-order status. The price is $1100 with your choice of lens (pancake or zoom) and the EVF. No shipping date is provided.

Debbie Downer speaks
One thing that stands out away from the specs is the timing and pricing of this camera - it will come out in the UK in January 2010 bundled with the 14-42mm lens for GBP 850. For comparison purposes, the E-P1 kit with the 14-42mm lens goes for around 600 GBP right now.

In the US, prices are $1100 for a kit with either the pancake or the 14-42mm zoom and the VF2 external viewfinder. This is $300 more than the standard E-P1 kits which however do not include a viewfinder. The VF1 optical viewfinder that came with the E-P1 goes for $100.

The timing is rather strange too, announcing a camera right before the Holidays with a release date after the Holidays. I don't think I need to elaborate on the bad-timing-ness of this! UPDATE: The shipping date mentioned in US version of the press release is December 2009, which makes more sense!

Another rather disappointing thing from the Miro Four Thirds perspective is that the two upcoming 2010 Olympus M43rds lenses are overlapping with current Panasonic lenses. Considering the youth of M43rds, it would be much more helpful to photographers if these two manufacturers collaborated to provide different lenses each, thus making M43rds more appetizing and versatile.

Key Olympus E-P2 specs
+ 12mp M43rds sensor
+ sensor shift stabilization (claim of 4 stops)
+ 3fps
+ 30fps 720p video
+ AF live view
+ two new art filters
+ new optional external optical viewfinder (1.44m dots, 100%, tiltable)
+ BLS-1 battery with 300 CIPA says DC Resource
+ black body finish
+ new 9-18mm and 14-150mm lenses in H1 2010

In other M43rds action
And while we are waiting for official announcements and such, here is something of M43rds interest just posted at The Online Photographer - part #1 of a new GF1 vs E-P1 comparison.

It's turning into a M43rds night, now Ferdz Decena has posted part #2 of his on-going Olympus E-P1 review.

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