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November 15, 2009

New Casio EX-FS10S baits golfers with golf-swing helper

This week saw the announcement of yet another new digital camera model, even though we are in mid-November! This one is more of the variation on a theme variety however. The new Casio EX-FS10S is based on the EX-FS10 which was announced at CES 2009.

The main difference is that the FS10S (S does not stand for silver) adds a feature to help you improve your golf swing. We kid you not. This is not an early April fool's day joke! The camera will be available in Japan in white and red body colors with an initial production output of 5000 units per month for around 35000 yen. Considering the production output, this model is not likely to be available outside Japan.

You know the digital camera market is saturated when manufacturers start pandering like politicians to different special-interest groups :)

At this point, we would like to welcome our readers who enjoy the greatest game of all time, golf, a game where agility of mind and body are intertwined, a creative challenge for the senses, yet at the same time, offering gentle relaxation and relief from the toxicity of everyday life ;-)


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