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November 06, 2009

New Canon 7D reviews at dpreview and Fotopolis

Welcome to 7D Friday! We have two more reviews of the Canon 7D to check out! First up, the grand-daddy of camera-review sites,, has just posted a 31-page review of the camera, a Rehm and Butler production. "Just" 31-pages? Not 41? :) For those who can't wait, conclusions are on page #30 followed by a gallery of full-size samples, and an 8-second full-HD .mov movie. A number of the samples were taken by the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 and EF-S 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 IS lenses.

The review has many of the familiar dpreview features and tests. On the camera-comparison front, they start with a noise-a-thon versus the D300s, Pentax K7 and 50D. Hurry up Ned! Call Pentax Japan and demand that they put the K-x sensor in the K7 body! Kidding aside, there are some very interesting noise observations made there.

And this brings up a good point. Their testing is made at camera-default settings. Perhaps there could another series of tests that compares the best of what each camera can produce by adjusting the settings appropriately. Obviously this would add overhead for the reviewers, and an element of subjectivity, and the results would depend on each photographer's "tweaking" skills and preferences. However, it would be a test of great interest to advanced photographers who like and know how to make the appropriate adjustments to make the most out of their camera. Perhaps someone needs to start a new review site that specializes in this type of JPEG-testing, since the default-setting testing is covered by dozens of websites!

Next, we load the Polish language module in our brains using the newly installed pre-beta microSDHC cybernetic slot, and read the Fotopolis review of the 7D. Two sets of ISO-range comparisons are on page #7 with samples on page #9 (last page).

For past, present and future updates, be sure to check the camera's mini-blog, and for more reviews be sure to check its review-cluster at the DSLR Review Organizer.

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