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November 11, 2009

In-stock update: GF1 zoom kit and 20mm pancake (also new review @ TechRadar)

Update: Hot off the e-wires is a brand new GF1 review at Tech Radar, with the verdict on the last page, and their full-size samples on the page right before that.

We have just finished refreshing the GF1 stock-status matrix and here is a summary of the current situation (as of the time of writing)

+ 20mm pancake lens shipping from Amazon for $400
+ GF1 with 14-42mm zoom shipping from Amazon for $900
+ 45-200mm lens shipping from B&H Photo for $284
+ GH1 available for pre-order at a $50 discount
+ 7-14mm shipping at a +$100 limited availability premium (price is $1200 instead of $1100)

Meanwhile the review parade continues, with websites big and small reviewing the camera. We are doing a new experiment in the GF1 review cluster, we have a number next to each review. The higher the number, the newer the review is. So [1] means it was the first review, and [28] it means it was the 28th review we spotted. Please note that we don't post everything that is marked as a review. Some people are trying to pass summaries of press releases as reviews and we do NOT consider those things reviews. They need to go to Camera Review School :)

If the review-table looks slightly different, it is because we merged the previews column. After nearly 30 reviews, there is no need for a previews column.

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