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November 2009 (230 posts)

November 30: Confessions of a Switchaholic - new unsual contest (winner receives $25 GC)
November 30: Confessions of a Samsung NX10 beta user
November 30: Canon 7D sample movies (including ISO 6400) at FN (not working)
November 30: Walking the streets of Hong Kong with the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 Di-II VC
November 30: Nikon instant rebates return for D700, D300s, D90, D5000 and D3000
November 30: Cyber Monday 2009 is here!
November 30: Luminous Landscape evaluates the Leica S2 and S-series system
November 29: Lots of new Leica X1 samples (beta) including night and high-ISO from DC Watch
November 29: Deal alert: Adobe Lightroom 2 (full) ships for $170
November 29: Blog updates: contests and weekly summaries
November 29: Pentax K7 review by Peter K. Burian (and other K-stories)
November 29: Leica X1 fever at DC Fever
November 29: Yashica EZ-F521 (aka "Digital Holga") gets DC Watch review
November 29: Canon Instant Rebates return: 50D, T1i, XSi, XS
November 29: Unboxing the Nikon D3s (Australian edition)
November 29: No one's photographs are safe from critique!
November 29: New Cats photography contest (winner gets $25 e-gift certficate)
November 28: Canon and Nikon, a modern day Romeo+Juliet gangsta-rap music video (by Joey Lawrence)
November 28: Pentax fans give the K7 the Reader's Choice award at ALC
November 28: Photoscala tests the Leica M9
November 28: (EXPIRED) Last day for the Nikon Instant Rebates for D700, D300s, D90, D5000, D3000
November 28: Panasonic GF1 review by Neo (ISO comparison vs K7 and F200)
November 27: Contests: Fall colors ends on Sunday, Cats start on Sunday
November 27: (EXPIRED) Canon 5D Mark II w/24-105mm drops to $3350
November 26: How to make the most of our Black Friday coverage
November 26: Ricoh GXR system goes live in Japan on December 18
November 26: In-stock alert: Nikon D3s for $5200
November 26: Another Black Friday update: B&H, Fry's, Canon SX200 IS, free batteries
November 26: Analyze this: Sony A550 test-sample pictures
November 26: Canon 7D rapid-fire opinions and a
November 26: Black Friday bargain alerts: Sony Webbie, Polaroid Pogo
November 26: Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm and extras for $660 (pancake kit for $760)
November 26: Leica X1 body pictures and shutter sound
November 26: Pre-Black Friday madness: The Best of what we can find right now
November 25: Canon 1D Mark IV first impressions
November 25: Leica S2 shoots volleyball in South Beach
November 25: A day in the life at Leica's Camelot
November 25: Testing Pentax K7 sharpness with firmware 1.02
November 25: Today's worst cameras in the whirled!!!
November 25: Fall Colors photography simple contest ends on Sunday
November 25: NewEgg launches Black Friday deals, site goes down for 30 minutes (now live again!)
November 25: (ENDED) Tempting prices after Amazon-Discover discount
November 25: Canon G11 review at Quesabesde
November 25: Short Pentax K-x review at Pocket Lint
November 25: Pre Black Friday madness picks up steam
November 25: New Sony Alpha A550 review at DCI
November 25: Panasonic 45mm f2.8 (M43rds) samples from Japan
November 25: Flickr joins the Roku party (you can now read this blog on the Roku)
November 24: Olympus E-P2 samples and more at DC Watch
November 24: ISO Wars: Canon S90 vs Ricoh GRD III vs Panasonic G1
November 24: New firmware for Panasonic GF1 and their lenses
November 24: Do you like to review photography books?
November 24: Nikon D3s and 400mm f2.8 brave the elements
November 24: What's in a pro photographer's bag? David Ziser reveals...
November 24: The Ricoh GRD III as a high-ISO b+w camera by Mitch Allard at TOP
November 24: Stabilized SuperZoom face-off: Nikon vs Sigma 18-200mm
November 24: As the Medium Format World turns: Hasselblad finds new husband
November 24: (EXPIRED) Panasonic G1 (blue kit) for $630
November 24: Nikon D3s real-world samples and ISO-range crops
November 24: A 2D hands-on preview of the Fuji 3D W1 camera system
November 24: Black Friday watch: Monday night recap
November 23: Pentax K-x: Hands-on and high ISO comparison at DC Watch
November 23: Five wide-zoom Canon-mount APS-C lenses enter the thunderdome
November 23: Leica X1 sample pictures at
November 23: (SOLD OUT) Alert: Panasonic LX3K _was_ $400
November 23: Thom Hogan predicts the camera action of 2010
November 23: New Olympus E-P1 and E-P2 reviews come out
November 23: DC Resource publishes Canon G11 review
November 22: Nikon D3000 two-lens kits for $537 or $585 (standard kit for $480) (updated)
November 22: The Canon G11 and S90 show
November 22: Phase One 645DF review at Luminous
November 22: New Top Selling Digital Cameras update: prices drop, Nikon attacks
November 22: Sony Alpha A550 review and noisy-skies revisited
November 22: PoD on the Olympus E-P2 during launch event
November 22: New Fall colors photography contest (winner gets $25 e-gift certficate)
November 21: Weekly digest, lens reviews, and contest coming up
November 21: ISO comparison crops from the Ricoh GXR system blocks
November 21: Countdown to Black Friday: Last day for Canon's $200 off two-lens kit instant rebates
November 21: Two more Canon S90 reviews are out!
November 21: Samples from Canon 7D, Fuji F70 and Canon G11 at DC Resource
November 20: New review lists created (2 DSLRs, 5 compacts)
November 20: Review Disasters: Panasonic FZ35 (FZ38) at Digital Photography School
November 20: Poll on iPhone Photography
November 20: DSLR killed the video star?
November 20: What's happening to Panavision to EOS/GH1 adapters?
November 20: Leica M9 gets closer to release
November 20: New Top Selling DSLRs: Canon and Nikon reign supreme
November 20: Sony A500 ISO-range test at Alpha Mount World
November 19: Sensor-size, resolution, noise: revisited
November 19: Group review of FREE imaging editors
November 19: Countdown to Black Friday: hot Canon T1i and XSi two-lens kit deals
November 19: This is not a Rebel song, this is Canon XSi vs Canon 7D
November 19: Hasselblad wants True Colors with new H3Dii-50 multi-shot
November 19: New Canon S90 review and RAW development comparison
November 19: Panasonic's actual Waterloo
November 19: Canon S90 vs Panasonic GF1 green-eating contest
November 19: ISO Wars: Sony A550 vs Nikon D90 vs Canon T1i vs Olympus E620
November 19: Sigma SD15 is delayed again (someone please rescue Sigma from itself)
November 19: Hands-on with the Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder (old is new!)
November 18: ALPA hardware and software review at Luminous
November 18: New Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic GH1 reviews (updated)
November 18: Bob Atkins reviews the Canon 7D (also: viral pixel-peeping video)
November 18: Future Flip model will have Wifi says Pocket Lint
November 18: Countdown to Black Friday: More Temptations
November 18: New Casio EX-G1 rugged camera could scare small pets
November 17: Ricoh GXR system preview from Japan
November 17: The Canon 7D as a working video camera at Engadget
November 17: Leica Talks and ALC reviews the f0.95 Noctilux
November 17: Pentax K-x test samples at IR (second two-lens kit drops to $751 again)
November 17: Olympus E-P2 vs Canon S90 (and new S90 review)
November 17: Canon 7D review at The Digital Picture
November 17: Is the Yashica EZ-F521 a "Digital Holga"?
November 17: Countdown to Black Friday: DSLR Temptations
November 16: Two new Pentax K-x reviews today
November 16: New Leica M7 Hermes gives haters one more reason
November 16: Zeiss modernizes their Nikon-mount lenses with electronic interface
November 16: Santa models for the Olympus E-P2 (updated)
November 16: Thom Hogan on Nikon financials and the pitfalls of colorful DSLRs
November 16: Samsung quietly releases the TL90 in the US market
November 16: Nikon D300s review by dpreview
November 16: Canon pulls Digital Journalist sponsorship
November 16: Pentax feeds your LBA with the K-7 and $100 VISA rebates
November 15: New Casio EX-FC150 and EX-FH25 digital cameras with back-lit CMOS sensors
November 15: New Canon G11 review at Camera Labs
November 15: Adventures in digital medium format photography with a Contax 645
November 15: More Canon S90 action including noise and street photography
November 15: Weekly recap and new lens reviews
November 15: New Casio EX-FS10S baits golfers with golf-swing helper
November 15: Camera of the Year vote at Adorama ALC blog
November 15: The Fake Chuck speaks on 7D, video, and more
November 15: Sony A550 review at Alpha Mount World
November 14: Luminous Leica X1 update on AF and MF
November 14: Beyond megapixels - where could improvements come from?
November 14: Weekend Shopper (recap edition) - and shortcut links
November 14: Canon 7D captures fall colors (and single-picture comparison with rivals)
November 14: Rollei comeback of sorts?
November 14: Video hands-on with the SigZilla (200-500mm f2.8)
November 13: Strobist, the Ladies, and gear talk
November 13: Camera body side-by-side: Olympus E-P2 and Panasonic GF1
November 13: Webmaster alert: Check your Feedburner feed blog-links!
November 13: Pick up your soy latte, the film festival starts now
November 13: More software action: Bibble 5 preview #3 free trial
November 13: Exciting new camera from Leica coming at Photokina 2010?
November 13: New top selling DSLRs: Nikon D3000 jumps, Panasonic is La Resistance
November 13: Panasonic announces tripod adapter for the GF1
November 12: Everybody is reviewing the Canon S90 today
November 12: Four new Canon 7D reviews, a horror show and more
November 12: Canon 1D Mark IV: SI photog first-look, white-paper, user-manual, comedy
November 12: Countdown to Black Friday: The Discount Quickening
November 12: What's inside a pancake?
November 12: Leica S2 samples at dpreview (100-200 units released in December)
November 11: Review Lists for Canon S90 and Pentax K-x now live
November 11: Blog update: Removed big ad-box on the right, replaced with Support This Blog box
November 11: Luminous Landscape publishes Leica X1 review
November 11: The BigShot: Assemble and disassemble a digital camera (for kids of all ages)
November 11: Ricoh GXR - catching up with the last two days
November 11: Coming up today: GXR and E-P2 roundups, review-clusters and more
November 11: dpreview analyzes Canon 100mm hybrid IS macro
November 11: ISO Bunny helps preview the Nikon D3s
November 11: In-stock update: GF1 zoom kit and 20mm pancake (also new review @ TechRadar)
November 11: Leica S2 full-size samples at Photography Blog
November 10: Six full-size sample pictures from Ricoh's GXR system
November 10: Read Kindle books on your PC (without an actual Kindle)
November 10: Gizmodo reviews Canon 7D and compares to Nikon D300s
November 10: Nikon D3s gets closer to release (and other stories)
November 10: Canon S90 gets another review (this time at Photography blog)
November 10: If you see annoying ads, please let us know
November 10: Photographer replaces internet-information-overload with iPhonography (one week experiment)
November 10: Podcast comparison: Canon S90 vs Panasonic LX3 vs Leica X1 at Digital Story
November 10: Leica S2: Hands-on and interview at BJoP
November 10: Win a dream Yellowstone Photo Expedition with boatload of new Canon Gear (7D, four lenses, flash, etc)
November 9: Ricoh GXR system is officially announced (US prices revealed!)
November 9: CNet Asia reviews the Canon S90 and compares to LX3
November 9: Hands-on video preview of the Olympus E-P2
November 9: Canon G11 review at Digital Camera Info
November 9: New Ricoh GXR small interchangeable lens system leaked: sensor+lens changeable blocks
November 9: Scary Nikon D300s review at Photocrati
November 9: Panasonic busy building giant pigeons, no time for LX3 and lenses
November 9: Award time: DCI picks Select Awards of 2009
November 8: Exhibition time: Stephen Gillette's Big Sur Tondi
November 8: Pentax K-x reviews and other stories
November 8: Weekly rewind and Lens Review Diary update
November 8: Karel Donk not happy with the Canon 7D noise and issues
November 8: Olympus E600 makes a surprise retail debut
November 8: A portrait of the 50mm f2 Zeiss ZM T* lens as a M43rds lens
November 8: Canon 7D review now at Camera Labs
November 7: Moose Peterson: No Photoshop for wildlife (JPEG photogs get inspired!)
November 7: Olympus charts four Micro Four Thirds lenses for Spring 2011
November 7: The Digital Picture reviews the new hybrid-IS macro Canon 100mm lens
November 6: New DSLR top-sellers: Canon 7D flies, D300s finds groove, prices drop again
November 6: Olympus E-P1 vs Panasonic GF1 comparison concludes at TOP
November 6: New Canon 7D reviews at dpreview and Fotopolis
November 6: Canon 7D review by Roland Lim
November 6: CNet asks what name for EVIL?
November 5: What do you want to ask the Sony Alpha team?
November 5: (ENDED) Price crash alert: Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm WAS $675 (updated)
November 5: Galbraith joins the Circus (was: Nikon D3s + 70-200 II full-size samples, plus D3 vs D3s)
November 5: Small firmware update for Sony A380, A330 and A230


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