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November 25, 2009

Flickr joins the Roku party (you can now read this blog on the Roku)

One of the many convergence devices that sprang up are the internet-to-traditional-TV bridges, and one of the popular ones is the Roku which picked up some momentum partially because it can stream Netflix movies over the internets. Yesterday Roku added ten new free channels, and one of them is none other than flickr!

The Hacking Netflix blog has an 8-minute video preview, and they talk briefly about the flickr channel at the 6 minute and 41 second mark. This could be one more avenue for photographers to showcase their work. Tech-blog coverage of the news via Techmeme.

As people continue to get frustrated with the hardball practices of the cable companies (do I really need to pay for 300 channels so I can watch the 10 channels I want?), the door opens wider for alternatives. Even TiVo is losing subscribers.

And yes, if you have a Roku device, you can read this blog on your Roku device for free by using the RSS feed option offered by the new (and free) FrameChannel.

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