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November 21, 2009

Countdown to Black Friday: Last day for Canon's $200 off two-lens kit instant rebates

UPDATE: For the latest specials be sure to check the Camera Deals blog and the 2010 Black Friday Situation Room.

The post below the dotted line was for Black Friday 2009 and it is only for historical/reference/price-comparison purposes...

================== E X P I R E D ==========================

The Canon instant rebates program mentioned below ended on November 21st, 2009. The original post follows...

Today is the last day for the Canon $200 OFF instant rebates, so if you are interested in the Digital Rebels, be sure to check them out. See the promotion details at Canon:

Last Day for $200 OFF Canon DSLR two-lens kit Instant Rebates

+ T1i + 18-55mm kit and the 55-250mm EF-S = $976 - 200 = $776

+ D-Rebel XSi kit w/18-55mm and the EF-S 55-250mm lens = $839 - $200 = $639

+ the 55-250mm EF-S lens ships in "4 to 7 weeks" but you lock the above prices the moment you place your order. You don't need to submit any rebates by mail.

+ Canon D-Rebel XS w/18-55mm ($480) + 75-300mm f4-5.6 III ($151) = $631 - $100 instant rebate = $531

+ 50D w/ EF 28-135mm ($1132) + 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS ($540) = $1672 - $200 = $1472

+ the 50D two-lens combo above is estimated to ship on November 30, but you lock in the price when you place your order.

+ you can have three of the four promotions in the same shopping cart. Only one of the two $200 OFF instant rebates promotions that include the EF-S 55-250mm lens appears.

Black Friday Compilation
Gadget blog has aggregated the various Black Friday tech-deals in two handy pages. Check them out: Page #1 includes digital cameras, storage, and computers, and page #2 includes printers, software and HDTVs.

We will dissect these as we get closer to the actual Black Friday. Also note that some retailers will be starting early and some will be extending their sales into next Saturday and the weekend.

As usual, we will be posting these as if we find them or as they find us at the Camera Deals blog and posting summaries and instant-alerts on the main blog. If you find any good deals that you'd like to share with everybody else, please let us know.

Other specials of potential interest
+ if you like open-box/refurbished Quantaray lenses at bargain basement prices, check TechforLess (thanks to Ryan Q for the tip!)

+ Fuji has a new $50 mail-in rebate on the big RAWzoomer S200-EXR. Good from Nov-1 to Dec-31. Drops the price to $430AR.

+ Sony Alpha A300 [reviews] with 18-70mm DT kit for $500 with free S&H. This has the 10mp CCD sensor.

+ last day for Samsung TL220 at $240 and TL225 for $270 at These are the dual (front and back) LCD screen models. Discount is via instant rebates in your Checkout page.

Previous updates
You can also check our previous "Countdown to Black Friday" updates but please note that a blog is a diary and the text, prices and availability are not automatically rewritten/updated when there is a change in status.

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