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November 19, 2009

Countdown to Black Friday: hot Canon T1i and XSi two-lens kit deals

To check the latest Black Friday specials, be sure to visit the Camera Deals blog.

The Canon Instant Rebates mentioned below expired on November 21st, 2009!

We continue the "deals quickening" series with a new round-up of temptations. The biggest one at the moment are the Canon $200 instant rebates at Amazon, which according to our calculations are set to expire on November 21st. Most of the deals in this post are intermediate level, so be sure to pay close attention! Here we go...

Hot Canon DSLR two-lens kit deals
+ Canon T1i w/18-55mm + 55-250mm EF-S = $729 + $255 - $200 = $784 [details]

+ Canon XSi w/18-55mm + 55-250mm EF-S = $597+ $255 - $200 = $653 [details]

+ the 55-250mm EF-S lens will ship in "4 to 7 weeks" but it does not affect the price - assuming you don't mind waiting for the lens to ship later on

Samsung dual-LCD TL225 and TL220 for $270 and $240 itself (not 3rd party sellers) is having instant rebates on the two Samsung cameras with the front+back LCD displays. This is also an intermediate-level deal, so be sure to pay close attention!

The best bang for the buck is the Samsung TL220 going for $240 with free shipping after the instant rebate. Can you buy it as someone's gift and then resist the temptation of trying it for yourself and getting them something else? :)

The flagship of the dual-screens is the TL225 (orange) going for $270 with free shipping.

The instant rebate discounts of $40 and $60 expire on November 21st!

Click and Buy deals

These are standard-issue deals, just add to shopping cart and checkout:

+ Photoshop Elements 8 (Windows) with a bonus keychain digicam for $50 with free shipping by

+ Nikon D90 + 18-105mm for $1032 by itself!

+ Pentax K-x two-lens kit (w/18-55 + 55-300mm) shipping right now from B&H Photo for around $760

+ However, if you don't need this kit right away, you can pre-order it for $720 from Amazon.

+ Every single issue of the National Geographic magazine since 1888 in digital form, in a single package, delivered for $45 by herself

National Geographic Digital Editions at Amazon

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