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November 15, 2009

Camera of the Year vote at Adorama ALC blog

With the year-end fast approaching, there will be waves and waves of "Camera of the Year" polls and editorials. We will be grouping them all together in a static page shortly! The Adorama ALC is having a Reader's Choice award and voting is open until November 27. They have eight choices, one from each manufacturer listed there. Having one only per manufacturer is however a detriment, as popular cameras like the Canon S90/G11, Panasonic GF1, and Pentax K-x are "blocked out" from the vote by other cameras from the same manufacturer. You can however vote them in the comments section on their site right below their poll.

Our favorite camera of this year is not listed there! It is *drum roll* the Casio Hello Kitty :) And we have a surprise for you! Look under your chairs audience! There is a brand new Hello Kitty for you! Everyone gets a Casio Hello Kitty today! You too! And you! You too! And YOU! Stedman takes his everywhere he goes!

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