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November 11, 2009

Blog update: Removed big ad-box on the right, replaced with Support This Blog box

We have just removed the big vertical traditional-ad banner on the right sidebar of the blog, since some of the ads shown there through some of the advertising networks were of the annoying type, and we have replaced it with a simple "Support this blog" box.

So, if you find this chaotic blog useful and would like to see it continue, you can support us financially by starting your online shopping adventures at the "Support this blog" box in the right sidebar. Purchases big and small, be it books, lenses, cameras, coffee beans, iPods, and everything in-between are great and they do help us continue with this crazy format year-round.

We listed some of the most popular retailers there, and you can see all the available ones at the Noisy Mall, which is also linked there, along with the Camera Deals blog. We are using the affiliate programs of these online retailers which make this possible.

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