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October 15, 2009

Today is Blog Action Day - save the environment, save the world!

Today (October 15, 2009) is the global Blog Action Day! And the victim subject of this action is the environment! Help the environment! First step, all the bloggers "living" at Starbucks and other coffee shops should stop using single-use coffee cups and either ask for a ceramic or glass cup or bring their own reusable cup! Environment saved!

There's plenty of action in the blogosphere, here are some items related to photography:
+ five tips for environmental photography by JMG Galleries
+ inspirational nature photos from the Gadling flickr pool
+ features two related videos.
+ Pixfan features a gallery showing the impact of climate change at the Big Picture
+ Find eco-friendly travel suggestions by Gadling
+ Net Tuts+ has tips for heavy-duty computer-users, which most photographers are these days by choice or by Photoshop (there's even an eco-friendly ...font!) [yes, they have two #2 items in the list]

Blog Action Day 2009 badge

You can learn more about Blog Action day at Blogger Buzz and register your own blogs at the official website of Blog Action Day (BAD 09).

And if you can't get enough of BAD 09, you can follow the waves and waves of action live on Twitter.

Environment-related topics from the Noisy archives
We had a couple of "green" moments in the past, here they are:
+ Yanns Artur Bertrand's Home Project (June 2009)
+ Earth Day 2008 (April 2008)

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