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October 27, 2009

Four more Panasonic GF1 reviews in the books

When it rains (reviews), it pours! More and more websites are reviewing the Panasonic GF1. We start with Steve Huff's review, where among other things, he compares it to the Leica D-Lux4 and M9. This is a photographer-priority type of a review.

Next up, if Nikon won't make such cameras, the Nikonians will go to the Micro Four Thirds mountain. Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has posted his comparative review of the GF1, which he compares with the E-P1 which he reviewed earlier on.

Next we fly to the world of high-tech where CNet UK posted their two-page test of the GF1. Remember, CNet has multiple websites across the world that produce their own reviews.

And we close the set with a review-type-thing in-progress at ephotozine.

As usual, we won't spoil any of the findings above, so be sure to check out the reviews to find out more.

You can catch all the reviews in a single-page at the GF1 review organizer or if you prefer to see them in reverse chronological order, check our dedicated mini-site and look for the GF1 in the top left corner.

The GF1 zoom kits are currently out of stock, but some of the lenses and accessories are shipping. Also shipping is the GH1 which we added to the GF1 stock-status matrix.

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