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October 19, 2009

Samsung dual-screen cameras an early success? (new top sellers)

All apologies to fans of the top selling digital camera charts! But we finally managed to post a brand new top selling cameras snapshot. Because of the long delay in-between snapshots, the jumping and price-changes are more erratic than usual, which in a way makes it more exciting and more retrospective. We have also improved our workflow, which means newer updates should happen faster from now on!

This has been a recurring feature on the Noisy blogs for years, but new readers who haven't seen this before, be sure to read the introduction first, otherwise you may not understand what this mess is all about :)


Samsung dual-screen cameras an early commercial success?
If Arthur C. Clarke wrote the headline for Samsung, it might have been "The Year We Made Contact with the non-bargain-hunters". It looks like the Samsung dual-screen digital cameras are an early success in terms of sales.

Samsung never before had non-$100 digital cameras so high in the Amazon top seller charts. Yet despite the supply and price volatility, the four Samsung retail kits, two TL225 and two TL220 are doing quite well, with one of them in the top 25, another at #26, and the other two in the top 50.

This will be interesting to follow as the weeks go by, and it will also be interesting to see how these cameras do during the holiday shopping season where (as usual) the mythical average consumer is buying digital cameras en masse.

This also raises a "stratigery" question. Does Samsung try to optimize for profit margin or maximize unit sales? In theory, profit margins are great, that's what made Canon so powerful, however, considering Samsung's great interest in becoming the market-share leader in the digital camera world, and their not-so-favorable rating among many above the entry-level, it may be a lot more beneficial to them to have a breakout success, because that will help their world domination plans more down the line. So sacrificing profit margin over exposure, unit sales and market penetration may be much better for them. As you may recall, the Panasonic TZ3 was the breakout success that made Panasonic cameras "safe" to buy among those who thought "appliance maker".

Cybershot balance of power shifts to the power of W?
As you can see in the recent lists, the balance of power in the Cybershot cameras seems to be shifting towards the W-series, and perhaps the T-series is losing their pizazz as everyone is cloning each other's designs these days (did you notice how Elphish some of the new Coolpixies look?)

Doing especially well is the wide-angle W290 (now under $200) and the more affordable W220.

Certainly the drops in memory card prices are helping offset the "MemoryStick tax".

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