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October 25, 2009

Sony Alpha A550 review at Photo Review (how did the 14mp CMOS sensor do?)

The Alpha A550 has been flying under the radar as waves and waves of curiosity cameras of all sizes have hit the markets. But the A550 is getting a share of the spotlight tonight as technically-oriented review-site Photo Review has posted their findings on the camera. As usual, Imatest results and other graphs are there to please the tech-types. As usual, we won't spoil their findings.

Remember, this is a camera that uses a 14mp Sony CMOS sensor, and none of the cameras with 12mp Sony CMOS sensors so far had any "issues" like the Sony CCD Alphas of 2008. This is also of sensor-interest to Nikonians and Pentaxians since they are customers of Sony sensors, one way or another.

For more on the new Alpha A550 and A500, be sure to check the combo review of these at Photocrati by Peter K. Burian.

And one more thing, Foto Actualidad points to a forum comparison between the A550 and the A700 at ISO 1600.

In terms of availability, the camera appears to be shipping from Adorama (Please note we can't place an order every time, we don't have Bill Gates money, so we go by the product page status)

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