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October 02, 2009

Sigma launches DP1s and promises performance improvements

Sigma has announced its third DP-series camera today, the DP1s, an improvement-take on the one that started it all, the DP1 [reviews].

The camera promises faster and more convenient operation, improvements on backlit subjects, and "allocation" of the QS button. Sometimes the computer-translation is better than the human translation :)

Apart from the marketing-speak, there are also a series tangingle improvements, which you can see through the various websites in the "Further Reading" section below.

SilkyPix adds X3F RAW support
In other good news for the Foveonesque world, the software package SilkyPix has added RAW support. Carl Rytterfalk checks it out. The experimental files are available for download and evaluation.

The software is in public beta and you can find a link and more details on his blog.

New lens catalog published
In addition to the camera, Sigma has refreshed its lens catalog. The lens catalog is available in multiple languages in downloadable PDF format. You can find it at the bottom of the page. We haven't good through it yet, so we do not know if it contains any new lenses or leaks :)

According to, the camera will be released in Japan on October 10, which is just one week away!

There is a price mentioned of 500 euro at Le Monde De La Photo but we are not sure if it refers to the DP2 or DP1s. Our french language skills est tres mal!

The camera is not yet listed at Amazon but it will soon get there, given historical patterns.

The camera will use the existing VF-11 view-finder and HA-11 hood adapter, along with the EF-140 DG flash. So existing owners will not have to pay the "accessories tax".

Further Reading
+ DC Watch
+ Unformatted specifications at AP UK
+ dpreview
+ Imaging Insider
+ Spartan annie by Shiguma Japan
+ One picture hands-on at Qeusabesde
+ Shiguma User

Why is it so difficult for these companies to organize an announcement? How hard it is to prepare and post details on the website at the same time as they announce it? And most of them even hire "professional" "PR hacks" to "help" them with this. Wake up e-diots! This is 2009! :)

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