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October 28, 2009

Sensor quality tests at LumoLabs: Pentax K7 and Pentax Kx

We can't keep up with the LumoLabs! They have now posted something of great interest to camera and sensor geeks - analysis of the sensors of the Pentax K-7 and the Pentax K-x. As usual, we won't spoil their findings here, so be sure to check them out. Summary conclusions are towards the bottom of the page.

The K7 sensor is a Samsung creation, while the K-x sensor is a 12mp Sony CMOS.

Discussion with spoilers after the jump...

It looks like there is some kind of "magic" with this sensor (or perhaps sensor+camera-engine) combo. Perhaps it is time for Pentaxians to seriously consider sending "letters to the editor" to Pentax asking for that very sensor to be made available in a Pentax K7-type of a body.

If 12mp FF sensors are good enough for the Nikon D3s/D3/D700, then surely 12mp is good enough for an APS-C camera!

Call it a K7s, or K7-Super, or K7b , or K7 Mark II if you must :)

Here is a poll on this very topic:

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