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October 27, 2009

Photography Soup (Software edition)

It's the return of the Photography Soup! In this edition, we look at some of the software action across the internets.

Confession of a PC-to-Mac conversion
Richard Wong has a confession to make! He converted his digital darkroom from PC to Mac, and he recounts the reasons behind it.

Lightroom 3 Beta Talk Radio
We start at The Digital Story where Tom Hogarty, a Lightroom manager talks about the new LR 3 beta. Total runtime of this audio interview is around 18 minutes.

Stu at ProLost writes three things he likes about the new version.

And as CanonBlogger discovered, not all operating system versions are supported with the latest LR3-beta, so if you have an older OS/system, be sure to double-check.

Meanwhile tech-site Pocket Lint posted their quick review of the new beta software.

Software existed before Lightroom 3 Beta
When they are not busy creating autofocus and ghosting bugs in their cameras, Canon provides (free) technical information on their Canon Professional Network. In their latest update, they talk interpolation and scaling.

But Photoshop and Lightroom are not everything in AdobeLand, there's also the more affordable Elements, and Photography Blog reviews the new Elements 8 edition.

And speaking of Elements, Photoscala points to a website with a giant table comparison of Elements feature-sets.

In the land of Panasonic, via Fotopolis, we learn that the Lumix RAW CODEC has been updated for Windows 7.

And we close with a special commentary from the one and only Robert Cringely who w[o/a]nders about the price of Windows 7.

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