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October 16, 2009

Pentax K-x action: New users, debates, colors, and missed ops

With so much craziness the last few days, we fell behind on some updates, as you can expect. So to make up for it, here is a colorful Pentax K-x roundup!

New K-x review
We forgot about this in the early edition, another short review of the camera was published this week by tech-site Tech Radar.

K-x in the hands of users
We start in the dpreview forums where one photographer has both the K7 and the Kx and has posted quick first impressions of the comparative variety.

Next at the PFFs, a new owner starts sharing pictures, starting of course with high ISO :)

Chief Pentaxian Ned B also got a K-x and has posted his first pictures. And if you are curious which book is the one partially shown in the picture, it is "Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s" by Leroy Grannis.

K-x discussions
The ephotozine review of the camera is dissected at the PentaxForums forums. Yes, that's the review site that completely wipes out the EXIF data of their sample pictures for whatever strange reason.

And another K7 vs Kx, this one though more debatorial. And another one, this one at the PFFs, approaches it from the dollars and sense perspective.

Other photographers are trying to decide between the K-x and K20D.

This thread talks buffer depth.

K-x marketing
The K-x has been a living breathing experiment in camera marketing. It seems every week there is a new limited edition or promotion of the K-x coming out in Japan. You can see the latest one at the Pentax Shop in Japan. Even a serious photography website like TOP cannot help but get pulled in the colorfulness.

In another smart move, Pentax USA released a limited amount of K-x kits with the 18-55 DA lens through the Best Buy website for $50 less than the expected opening price of $600. We can assume that this was a move intended to generate some excitement about the camera and bring it to the attention of the average consumer. Unfortunately we missed the promotion while it was live, as it happened during the D3s madness. But Rice High readers got the alert.

K-x shipping
The camera is now shipping at the following places:
+ black body-only for $600 by 3rd parties (Ace, Adorama) at Amazon, et al
+ black one-lens kit (18-55) for $650 at Adorama, OneCall, Tigerdirect, et al
+ black two-lens kit (18-55 and 50-200mm) for $750 at Adorama, Tigerdirect, et al

We are trying to figure out how to best do a Pentax K-x stock-status matrix, since the camera has so many color/kit combos.

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