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October 14, 2009

Nikon D3s previews, samples and more

Before we get started, we have something new for you, the brand new Nikon D3s Reference page. This is a static page with as much useful information about the D3s as we can find. It will be updated as we discover new things. It also shows our latest D3s-related posts on the top right corner of the page. Unlike our previous camera-diaries, this is a single hybrid reference page, so be sure to bookmark it or visit it from time to time if interested in the D3s. It is intended as a reference page, not a stream of news. This will also serve as the stock-status matrix for the D3s.

We pick up the action from yesterday's D3s announcement with more Nikon D3s coverage that we did not cover yesterday or it was not available yesterday!

Nikon D3s previews
We first start with a corrected url. In yesterday's D3s chaos we accidentally posted the wrong url for the Let's Go Digital preview, so for those who may have missed it, here is the Let's Go Digital preview of the D3s.

Quesabesde produces (in our opinion) the best hands-on previews of camera bodies in terms of giving the photographer as good of a feel of a camera as one can get without having the camera in their one hands. So be sure to check out their handling of the D3s.

AP UK was at the launch event in St. Andrews and they have posted a mini 4-page preview of the camera based on their experience so far.

A preview of the camera, including web-size sample pictures is now posted at Le Monde de la Photo.

David Kilpatrick has posted a short preview and opinion on the camera so far at his blog.

Digital Photographer was able to get a sneak peek at the camera at the launch event, and they are sharing what they found out.

Nikon D3s video previews
Enough with words? Quesabesde has a 95-second video preview of the camera body. Yes, they had it in their hands! And better yet, you can dance to the preview and the beat of the machine-gun shutter! Yes, you can see and hear the shutter sound at the 62-second mark (1 minute and 2 seconds).

AP UK has a 42-second video preview of the camera, with photogs playing with it at the UK launch.

We start with Nikon super-guru with a long track-record of online Nikon coverage, Thom Hogan, who still needs to "discover" permalinks for his website, or at least use "#" to make it easier for people to find individual articles on his site. But let's not get sidetracked with webmaster talk radio. He has posted his opinion on the Nikon D3s, both from a technical and a "stratigery" point of view. You can find it on his website. (if you are reading this at a later date, look for it in his archives under October 14).

Mason Resnick opines on the new camera at the ALC blog.

Lori Grunin at CNet opines on the new release and also provides handy spec-comparison tables between the D3s and its frenemies.

Differences between D3 and D3s summarized at Nikon Watch.

Sample Pictures
Cropped sample pictures taken with the camera but only allowed to be posted on web-size are posted at Le Monde de la Photo.

In his usual style, MasterChong dissects some of the available sample images.

We already mentioned these yesterday, but for reference, here are the six full-size samples provided by Nikon herself. They go up to ISO 12800, but no ISO 100K :)

Other coverage
You can practice your Danish language skills and relive the D3s launch event in Denmark with a replay of their live blogging. Flash is needed in order to run the CoverItLive widget.

Pre-orders at $5200
The D3s is available for pre-order at $5200 at:
+ Amazon
+ B&H Photo
+ Adorama

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