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October 21, 2009

Nikon D3s goes to the circus (also new D3s podcast)

While Canon turned the biggest viral moment of the Canon 1D Mark IV into a circus act, the Nikon D3s has actually gone to the circus!

We've already mentioned the circus pictures at Imaging Resource, but now Imaging Resource has added nine high-def videos as well. Imaging Resource has also added ten RAW (.NEF) files using a production-level firmware. [New!]

In addition, more websites are posting circus de preview sample pictures and impressions:
+ PDN Gear Guide
+ Gear Log (PC Magazine's gadget blog)
+ Photoscala
+ MacCreate with video (via FotoActualidad)
+ Digital Camera Info
+ Gizmodo
+ Digital Camera Review

Theme song of this post, "Circus", and you have your choice of musicians, Britney Spears or Erasure.

D3s podcast
Next we move to talk-radio, where the latest official Nikon podcast talks about the D3s and the Photo Expo Plus (that's a better name actually!) that tips off tomorrow. You can has the podcast as .mp3 download. We are listening to it as we write this. It is under 18 minutes long.

Shutter machine-gun sound at the 2 minute and 50 second mark and at the 9 minutes and 17 second mark!

And at the 10 minute and 15 second mark, the Nikon dude explains the "1D crop" mode without actually mentioning the 1D :)

Tattooed everything
The one photographer who bought the Nikon D3x (oh my!) has decided to mark this occasion for life by tattooing it on his arm. See it at Pop Photo and Engadget.

You can check D3s reference materials at any time using our brand new D3s hybrid reference page. This also serves as a stock-status matrix. Needless to say, the camera is currently in pre-order status.

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