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October 19, 2009

Nikon D300s review at Trusted Reviews

The Nikon D300s has added one more review to its "collection", this one produced by technology site Trusted Reviews. It uses their standard format, with conclusions on page #3, ISO comparison on page #5, and full-size real-world samples following that.

There are a number of D300s reviews posted already, with Imaging Resource presumably working on a review since they had started posting test-sample pictures on their site. In terms of dpreview, we do not know if/when they plan on reviewing it.

In terms of pricing, the camera is trading at around $1765, just $35 below its starting price, and $65 above the Canon 7D which appears to be getting the lion's share of the interest-share. There was however a D300s price-experiment two weekends ago where the D300s dropped to $1640, and that discount was enough to put it back in the DSLR Top 20.

However, there will be more questions as to what Nikon is/will-be/has-been doing here, as the 7D is changing the dynamics of this segment of the market. In the good old days, the D300 [reviews] was running unopposed.

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