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October 14, 2009

New second generation Flip MinoHD jumps to 8gb (2 hours storage)

And now we jump from the high and mighty DSLRs and four-figure cameras, to something simple and perhaps fun and more importantly gift idea for the 2009 holiday shopping season! The new Flip MinoHD Mark II (okay, second generation) has been officially announced as expected. It comes with 8gb of on-board memory (two hours of footage), 30fps 720p video (1280x720), internal built-in battery (blame Apple for this anti-consumer trend), 2-inch display (fixed, back), and will start at $230. As you recall, interNET giant Cisco recently bought Pure Digital, the makers of Flip. Cisco actually has been on a shopping spree as fo late. Hey Cisco, you really need to buy a camera blog too! We are available for $9.99! ;-)

Coverage of the new MinoHD
+ Engadget with short sample video
+ Crunch Gear
+ Gadget Lab
+ Gear Log (please don't giggle!)

Already shipping!
The new MinoHD is already shipping at Amazon and if you order before October 24, you get one free accessory of your choice. It would be nice if this was also case when new digital cameras are announced :)

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