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October 05, 2009

New review-clusters have been added

We are not snoozing! The reason you don't see waves of updates right now is because we have been adding review-clusters on some of the recently released digital cameras. Instead of holding them all out until they were finished, we added them to this post as they went live. This edition is now final! More will be added at a new burst-mode later in the week.

You can check all the existing review-clusters at the DSLR Review Organizer, which, despite the spartan name, also includes Micro Four Thirds and Digital Leicafinders. For cameras with fixed-lenses, be sure to check the Compact Reviews Organizer.

New review-clusters added
+ Nikon D3000 reviews - the new entry-point into the Nikon world (includes books)
+ Canon SX20 IS reviews - superzoom powered by AA
+ Olympus E450 reviews - a semi-forgotten 43rds dSLR
+ Sony Alpha A850 reviews - lowest price 35mmFF out of the gate
+ Nikon D300s reviews - including upcoming books and tutorials

It is amazing how much crap one has to sort through to find real reviews. There are so many fake reviews out there. Some people present previews as reviews, others just call the press-release a review, others just repost user-reviews from Amazon, some don't even bother - they just copy someone else's review!

If you like to lobby for specific models to be added, please send an email or leave a comment right below, or send a Twitter twit.

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