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October 24, 2009

More Canon 7D review action

The Canon 7D review action is starting to slowly pick up, as NeoCamera has posted their spartan review of this new Canon dual-core monster. As part of their review they have an ISO-range crop comparison with the Pentax K7 [don't look Pentaxians?] Then again, the start of the "Outdoor Night Crops" page starts with this gem: "The Canon EOS 7D is compared to its predecessor, the K-7". The comparison shots are not available as full-size or RAW for additional evaluation by the expert pixel-peepers. They have however full-size real world samples with the 7D.

And speaking of ISO comparisons, Brent Pennington concludes his look at the 7D with an ISO comparison crops of the 7D going from 100 to 12800.

More 7D action
Philip Bloom opens up the debate for the DSLRVideographers, which Canon DSLR do you get for DSLR-Video? Discussion follows.

Into the dpreview forums, one photographer is sharing 100% crops from a night on the town using the Tamron 17-50mm and the Samyang fish-eye. Here they are.

And it's not a Canon DSLR unless there is an ...autofocus thread!

The every-shifting CR2 files, DPP, and Adobe's Photoshop release practices have triggered an exploitation rant by Brent Pennington.

For more on the camera, be sure to check its list of reviews, and the summary of all the updates posted here at the 7D mini blog.

7D Availability
We have just refreshed the stock status matrix, which has some good news in terms of availability, as four different retailers have one of the two kits available. You can get the body-only for $1700 B&H Photo, and the kit with the EF 28-135mm for $1900 at J&R World among others.

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