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October 03, 2009

Medium Format updates: Hasseblad, Mamiya, Pentax, Leica

As you may have noticed, it's not just the mass-market digital camera manufacturers that have gone crazy with new products this year. It is also the medium format world. Even Leica is in it, and Pentax is making yet another 645D comeback.

First, we start with Hasselblad updates. The Imaging Insider has posted a series of multimedia from the Hasselblad launch at the Kennedy Space Center. Here they are in chronological order:
+ Part #1
+ Part #2
+ Part #3
+ Part #4
+ Part #5

Next up, Mamiya! Sadly for them and for those potentially interested, their website and blog are still not updated with their newly announced products. Oy vey! Their press release was spartan and very light on specifics. It appears that some (or all) of the four new DSLRs will be based on the new 645DF camera. We would have known for sure if Mamiya bothered to tell someone, anyone - or updated its website! :-)

Next, a company that has no trouble communicating with its users - Pentax! But they do had trouble in getting the 645D out the door :) Yvon spotlights a brand new interview with blogger and chief Pentaxian Ned Bunnell at with Hannah Thiem. This is an interesting interview in its own right, but of MF interest, search for the words "medium format" and you will find the paragraph where Ned addresses the future of the 645D.

And we close this MeFo roundup with Leica! Leica has been very busy this year and they have a first. The first medium format digital camera (as far as we can tell) sold directly by Amazon. That's right, Amazon herself is taking S2 pre-orders at $23000 and $28000. And you know it's Leica when the battery charger goes for $400! Amazon is also offering the S-series lenses. This is another sign that despite the multiple scars and bruises, the Leica name can still command the type of attention among the general photographic population that the traditional MeFo manufacturers cannot and do not.

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