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October 2009 (229 posts)

October 31: Nikon D3s sings Ozzy Osbourne
October 31: Ricoh working on new slide-in lens-mount mirrorless system?
October 31: In-stock alert: Sony Alpha A550 is now shipping
October 31: New Panasonic GF1 review at Trusted
October 31: Samsung NX10 specs leaked (maybe) in a forum in Japan
October 31: Kodak TRUESENSE sensors to be shown next week
October 30: Pentax K-x stock status and availability matrix
October 30: Gizmodo coffee-hearts the Canon S90is
October 30: Let's Go says Samsung NX10 coming in December 2009
October 30: Canon 1D Mark IV preview at Trusted Reviews
October 30: Canon G11 review at DigitalCameraReview
October 30: Canon S90 vs Panasonic LX3 at Quesabesde (and new S90 review)
October 30: From the CYA department: Luminous backup ideas
October 30: Fake Chuck talks ghosting, autofocus, and lots more
October 29: Pentax K-x makes Top 20 debut in new top selling DSLRs update
October 29: Now shipping: Star Wars Pentax K-x (white) with 18-55mm
October 29: David Ziser on Canon 7D and Lightroom 3 Beta
October 29: CNet tests out the Panasonic GF1
October 29: GearLog proclaims the Death of the DSLR
October 29: Canon error codes revealed (5DMk2 et al)
October 29: Canon G11 action at Fotopolis and Laurence Kim and more
October 29: Let's Go review the Pentax K7
October 29: Projector-Coolpix (Nikon S1000pj) review at DPInterface
October 29: What are your favorite photography-themed podcasts?
October 29: Get this blog on the Kindle (free two-week trial)
October 28: More Canon 7D reviews and impressions (and status update)
October 28: Sensor quality tests at LumoLabs: Pentax K7 and Pentax Kx
October 28: Phase One launches Capture 5 software
October 28: Pentax K7 and Kx HD-video-still tests at LumoLabs
October 28: LumoLabs: New camera test suite by Falk Lumo
October 28: Sony A750 rumored as a 14.6mp full-frame DSLR
October 28: Pentax K-x reviews at Photography Blog and TechRadar
October 28: Photographers, want to be added to our Twitter Photographers list?
October 28: Detailed planning for the big photographic trip - Hogan's tips
October 27: Four more Panasonic GF1 reviews in the books
October 27: Photography Soup (Software edition)
October 27: Leica M9 hosts review of Summicron M 50mm f2
October 27: Toshiba working on 14.6-megapixel 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor at 1.4 micron
October 27: I can has levitating camera nao?
October 27: Controversial "Ansel Adams In Color" book (revised edition) now shipping
October 27: Olympus E-P1 with pancake street-photography DigitalStory-style
October 27: PDN Gear Guide looks at compacts with large-sensors
October 27: Hoya COO talks Pentax and "electronics guys"
October 27: Canon confesses to 7D ghosting under certain conditions
October 26: (SOLD OUT) Silver Panasonic LX3 ships for $427 (updated)
October 26: RAWsumer blog gets a functionality facelift
October 26: First look at 1D Mark IV at Canon Field Reviews
October 26: Cool 52-page Ricoh GRD III book and review
October 26: Thom Hogan on large-sensor compacts and (not) getting it right
October 26: Hands-on with the Leica S2 at PPE (and two full-size JPEGs)
October 26: Hands-on with the Leica M9 and X1 at PPE
October 26: Another test of Lightroom 3 beta's RAW conversion versus LR 2.5
October 26: Canon Noise Wars: 7D vs 5DMk2 vs 50D
October 26: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake lens reviewed at Photo Zone
October 25: Pentax W80 "Bee" invades America
October 25: Canon 7D helps review the versatile Canon 15-85mm EF-S IS lense
October 25: Photo Plus Expo - the wrap-up round-up
October 25: Sony Alpha A550 review at Photo Review (how did the 14mp CMOS sensor do?)
October 25: Luminous tests the Canon G11 and compares to Panasonic GF1
October 25: Sony Alpha A850 review and first impressions
October 25: RAW improvements with Lightroom 3 beta?
October 24: New Canon Instant Rebates (also Canon Loyalty Program)
October 24: Weekly digest (the five-minute rewind)
October 24: More Canon 7D review action
October 24: New PhotoPlus Expo round-up
October 24: Zone10 speculates on next Olympus M43rds camera
October 24: Canon apologizes via Laforet (Nocturne will return ...eventually)
October 24: New top selling DSLR updates
October 23: Canon 7D vs 1Ds Mark III ISO comparison
October 23: Magazine rumor of Sony A700 replacement (while A700 drops to $750)
October 23: A day in the life of the Canon S90 is
October 23: Photo Plus Expo round-up (early edition)
October 23: Nikon D300s vs Canon 7D, Chinese-style
October 22: Pentax K7 with the WR kit lens for $1100 (just $50 more than body-only)
October 22: Thom Hogan defends Nikon's 12mp versus Canon's 16-18mp
October 22: What's happening at the PhotoPlus Expo?
October 22: 1D Mark III and 50D comparisons added to TDP's Canon 7D in-progress review
October 22: Canon explains why 16mp is great for the 1D Mark IV
October 22: Pentax K-7 gets new firmz (TMZ-style headline)
October 22: 3D curiosity: Fuji's W1 camera review by CNet UK
October 22: Canon G11 review at Photography blog
October 22: New shortcut url,
October 21: Adobe launches public beta of Lightroom 3 (free until April 30, 2010)
October 21: Nikon D3s goes to the circus (also new D3s podcast)
October 21: Canon G11 studio test-samples at Imaging Resource
October 21: Canon 1D Mark IV hands-on preview at DP Interface (lots of stuff)
October 21: Canon 7D review roundup (both kits shipping!)
October 20: Nikon D3s full-size circus samples at Imaging Resource
October 20: Canon FAIL: Laforet's video has been removed
October 20: Cosina announces two pancakes for the Canon EF world
October 20: Rollei special discounts at B&H Photo
October 20: Apple steals spotlight with new 7-hour MacBook, iMacs, multi-touch magic mouse
October 20: Panasonic-Leica 45mm f2.8 lens review at dpreview
October 19: Canon's new 1D Mark IV is officially announced!
October 19: Full-size real-world samples with the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR II (on D3X)
October 19: Canon G11 stock status matrix
October 19: Nikon D300s review at Trusted Reviews
October 19: Samsung dual-screen cameras an early success? (new top sellers)
October 19: Canon 7D ISO-range test and sample pictures
October 19: Leica S2 delayed, Leica confirmed out of PMA 2010 (updated)
October 18: Canon 1D Mark V, not Mark IV says Philip Bloom (rumor)
October 18: Canon 7D firmware version 1.0.9 is out
October 18: How responsible are photographers in promoting mannequinism?
October 18: Canon 7D with kit lens shipping (updated)
October 18: Kirk Tucks opines on the Canon G11 (and issues a challenge)
October 18: Pentax K-x ISO-range comparison shots
October 18: Weekly digest (the five-minute rewind)
October 17: Nikon D300s and Pentax K7 reviews in remodeled print editon of Pop Photo
October 17: Foveon Talk Radio: Laurence Matson 30-minute interview at Imaging Insider
October 17: Leica is out of PMA 2010?
October 17: Fair Use Project bolts out of defense of cut-and-paster of Obama HOPE picture
October 16: Pentax K-x action: New users, debates, colors, and missed ops
October 16: Canon 7D samples and ISO wars: 7D vs 50D vs D300s vs K7
October 16: Canon S90is full-size real-world pictures (includes LX3 vs S90 ISO comparison)
October 16: Canon 7D hands-on and ISO comparison to D-Rebel T1i/500D
October 16: Canon G11 first impressions at Digital Camera Review
October 16: Leica M9 review at Fotopolis
October 16: Samsung NX10 and lenses shown once again
October 16: The M43rds action continues at TOP, ALC, et al
October 15: The FF DSLR vs Medium-Format price-gap evaporates with the new Aptus II 5
October 15: More Canon 7D updates and lockups by Michael Willems
October 15: Samsung is looking for photography bloggers
October 15: Canon G11 test images at Imaging Resource
October 15: Gadget time: Customizable tripod-mount laptop deck for photographers
October 15: More Nikon D3s commentary by Thom Hogan
October 15: In-stock alert: Panasonic 20mm pancake and Canon S90is shipping again
October 15: Today is Blog Action Day - save the environment, save the world!
October 15: Epson jumps on the quality EVF bandwagon
October 15: Portrait of the Canon 100mm f2.8L hybrid IS as a two-sided lens
October 14: Sony WX1 review at Imaging Resource (Exmor-R camera)
October 14: Nikon D3s previews, samples and more
October 14: dpreview updates studio test scene setup
October 14: New second generation Flip MinoHD jumps to 8gb (2 hours storage)
October 14: Canon 7D review at Photography Blog
October 14: Panasonic GF1 review double-header: dpreview and Imaging Resource
October 14: Sony A850 review by PhotoReview
October 13: Nikon D3s is officially announced (also new 85mm f3.5G DX VR lens)
October 13: Canon 7D noise comparison versus Nikon D300s and Pentax K7
October 13: (SOLD OUT) Canon S90is was in-stock for a short time
October 13: The medium format CEOs are attacking the Leica S-system (bring on Jerry Springer)
October 13: New top selling DSLRs update (Panasonic flexes M43 muscle)
October 13: ISO-range tests of the Nikon S1000pj
October 13: First impressions with the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR II
October 13: Leica Noctilux 50mm f0.95 ships - who will buy it?
October 12: Canon G11 in-stock and shipping (new review and hands-on report)
October 12: New Flip camcorder hybrid coming on October 14
October 12: Sony Alpha A550 and A500 review double-feature at Photocrati
October 12: New entry-level Leaf Aptus 5 back coming (Hasselblad's upgrade is back)
October 12: First samples and hands-on with Panasonic-Leica 45mm f2.8 M43rds lens
October 12: New Zeiss 28mm f2 ZE for the Canon EF mount
October 11: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic GF1 with 20mm pancake ships now!
October 11: Early Canon S90is impressions at Serious Compacts (updated)
October 11: Price Jumped Back Up (was: Nikon D300s crashed to $1629 - drop of $135)
October 11: Good sign: B&H accepting Canon 7D orders (but no shipping estimate)
October 11: New Panasonic GF1 review and GF1 review-cluster launched
October 11: Early Canon G11 impressions by NGeo photog Ira Block
October 11: New Pentax K-x review (but who ate the EXIF data?)
October 11: Recap of the last seven days
October 10: Naked sensor on medium format (aka Phase One Achromatic+ back review at Luminous Landscape)
October 10: Canon S90 IS stock-status matrix
October 10: Canon S90 IS starting to ship! (updated)
October 9: New top selling DSLR snapshot (Hot: Canon 7D, 50D, Nikon D90, Panasonic)
October 9: Canon 7D review at SLRClub (Korean)
October 9: MemoryStick firestorm (October 2009 edition)
October 9: Nobel Prizes for Camera + Photography (Noisy edition)
October 9: Canon G11 initial shots and unboxing ceremony (updated)
October 9: Fuji F72EXR is a clone of the F70EXR for select retailers
October 8: Astronomy photographers: Explosions on the moon
October 8: New Panasonic GF1 review at Photography Blog
October 8: New Nikon D300s review - this one at PhotoReview
October 8: First look at the Canon 7D at PPH
October 8: Nikon press event on Wedn October 14 in Denmark
October 8: Canon S90 IS real-world samples hit the internets
October 8: Canon S90 goes on sale in Japan on October 16
October 8: Want Noisy Gear (t-shirts, etc)? You design them (crowdsourcing)
October 7: Highlights from the CEATEC 2009 show in Japan
October 7: How did the Exmor-R sensor do? (Sony TX1 review at Imaging Rescource)
October 7: A Luminous take on the Pentax K-7
October 7: Ken Rockwell posts full-size sample pictures (with the M9)
October 7: Nikon D300s ISO elevator test
October 7: What's really inside the Panasonic G1?
October 7: Hands-on with 7D as a video camera
October 6: Canon 5D Mark II hosts 100mm f2.8L Hybrid IS macro samples
October 6: Pentax DSLR gear clearance on RitzCamera
October 6: If you see any annoying ads, please let us know ASAP
October 6: New Sanyo Eneloop batteries jump to 1500 recharges (Japan only)
October 6: Panasonic GH1 hosts 3-way M43rds wide-angle comparison
October 6: Canon will do Photokina 2010 - will anyone else bolt PMA 2010?
October 6: New full-size Pentax K-x samples on flickr
October 6: dpreview touches the Leica X1 (preview)
October 6: Canon T1i gets the Imaging Resource test-a-thon
October 6: Fuji R&D: organic multi-layered CMOS sensor prototype shown
October 6: Olympus E-P1 vs Panasonic GF1 all out comparison at Quesabesde
October 6: New digicam-retro Yashica EZ-F521
October 5: A day in the life of the Pentax K7 (limited edition review-print, new review, new kits)
October 5: New review-clusters have been added
October 5: Nikon D300s review at Photography Blog
October 5: Panasonic GF1 gets the DC-Resource review treatment


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